Best Dropshipping Small Business Opportunities to Build Residual Income


After reading Journal Review marketing guides and other related references available online, you may have decided to start a small business. But instead of having to take care of inventory, packaging, and logistics all by yourself, you want to pursue dropshipping wherein you send orders for a particular product to whoever makes or supplies it who then packs and delivers it to your customers.

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While you can technically dropship almost any product that you can imagine, you’ll want to carry the following items that can provide you with opportunities to build residual income:

  1. Waterproof backpacks

The backpack is something that both groups share in common, whether your small business’ customers mostly consist of adventurers or school kids. After all, it’s more convenient for someone to carry all their things on their back than with their arms. So if you want to serve either one of the two customer groups mentioned, you should start drop shipping backpacks.

But make sure that they’re waterproof so that whatever’s inside them wouldn’t get wet in case of rain. Also, backpacks you’ll sell to customers who like to embark on different adventures should be bigger as they typically bring more things with them than school kids.

  1. Analog alarm clocks

Every smartphone already comes with a built-in alarm clock. But even if a smartphone user had accidentally deleted it while getting rid of unnecessary files, they can always download an alarm clock app to replace it. However, some smartphone users don’t wake up that easily no matter how loud the alarm on their mobile device is.

On the other hand, even if most people tend to view analog alarm clocks nowadays as old-fashioned, some timepiece manufacturers still make them as they’re more effective in waking someone up from sleep, especially as the sound coming from one is typically louder than the loudest that its digital counterpart can ever produce.

So before entirely dismissing analog alarm clocks as a thing of the past, you’ll want to try offering them under the drop-shipping model for customers of yours who want to change their waking habits for the better.

  1. Watches

One can quickly know the time by looking at their smartphone nowadays. However, they can’t whip out their phone in busy and unsafe streets to look at the time which is where watches prove to be useful. The said timepieces are also a tried and tested fashion accessory that can either make or break someone’s entire outfit.

You can thus safely conclude that watches will always remain a popular choice for drop shipping, especially as their manufacturer or supplier like an online jewelry store can handle them more appropriately to avoid breakage of any delicate parts compared to if you keep stock of them in your house.

  1. Organic facial masks

Another popular choice for dropshipping is facial masks that aim to cleanse, smoothen, and hydrate the skin on someone’s face. However, more and more women are becoming beauty- and environmentally conscious at the same time, especially as a lot of beauty products contain toxic chemicals that pollute the environment.

Since they wouldn’t want any of the ingredients in their beauty products to taint their water supply, you should sell them organic facial masks instead. You can sell a facial mask made out of coffee, cocoa butter, oatmeal, or some other all-natural ingredient.

  1. Wireless headphones and speakers

Tangled cords are a hassle for those who use headphones or speakers whenever listening to music. Peeled wiring is also another problem for them, and a dangerous one at that as it can lead to electrocution injuries if they’ve accidentally come into contact with a live wire. No wonder then that wireless headphones and speakers have become all the rage as of late.

Just set up the Bluetooth connection between the headphone or speaker and the phone or computer with their music in it, and they’re good to go in only a matter of minutes. So if most of your customers love listening to music but don’t want to deal with tangled or exposed cords, sell them wireless headphones and speakers.


Roughly a quarter of all Internet-based retail businesses use drop shipping to fulfill their customers’ orders. So if you want to start a small online business of your own, you should dropship not just any product but the ones mentioned above in particular if you want to grab the chance to make the money you’ve invested in your venture work for you. You might find yourself surprised that your business moves more units of a specific product with drop shipping compared to when you aren’t using the said order fulfillment method.

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