Images from MIT

Below are some pictures clicked at MIT, Manipal during my first semester here. Hope you like it!
Click on the photos to enlarge. Does not open in new windows/tabs.
IMG 0914 Stitch
The 15th block. 

IMG 0928 Stitch
In front of the MIT Food Court. Notice the faint second rainbow above the first one. (And just for some additional knowledge, the dark band in the middle is called the Alexander’s Band)

From the 16th block. A day when the sky turned distinctively purple.
IMG 0507 Stitch
A misty morning.

IMG 0595 Stitch 1
The same morning. Different picture.

IMG 0796 Stitch

IMG 0806 Stitch
Manipal Institute of Technology from the side. 

IMG 0867 Stitch
Clicked using the iPhone 3G and edited using the Windows Live Editor 2011. November 2010.
Originally posted with the same name at The K-Math Files.


  1. Loved the pics! R they from the fourteenth block???
    great clarity…iPhone really captures the essence well…
    I personally LOVED the first one!

  2. Images convey so much more! Manipal provides such vistas that really stimulate the mind. The blend of natural scenery and ugly human monstrosities creates a myriad of landscapes, that is thoroughly underappreciated in our day to day activities.

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