Being a Woman..!

What is a woman, a lady, a girl? Who is she? What comes to your mind first when you a see a lady dressed in brilliant salwar-kameez cross a road right in front of you or what comes to your mind when you see a lady standing at a bar asking for drink and just moving to the music? I am sure you have witnessed both the scenarios and at some point in your life given a thought to it. No matter if you are a man or a woman reading this, the thought process happens in either gender.

Yes, I am proud to be woman. I am not writing this article to do any male bashing or promote feministic actions of men being to the left as women are always right but just to remind all the ladies and all the super-men who celebrate women in their life, that International Women’s Day is just another day to rejoice and feel proud.

Even in the 21st century, we live in the world of sick and ignorant where women are not treated right. But we stand strong and we will fight it back for equal rights. A woman is what she describes herself to be not what the society describes or what the society thinks about her. We have come far across from the era of being slaves and being treated as one serving the family, but problem still exists, it isn’t over. Even today the society terms us to be better in traditional saree and salwar-kameez than pants and skirts.

But we don’t give a damn, no matter what society expects us to do or how they expect us to behave. We don’t care. It’s our life and we make it and live it. We will live our way, choose the most stupidest thing to do because we like it. No man would know the happiness of spending time in front of the mirror looking perfect and fixing every bit of make-up just before a party no matter how late it gets, neither does anyone know the pleasure of managing in a six-inch heel plus walking and dancing in it. Yes, we all are selfie queens and “click-my-photograph” princesses and why not we all are beautiful in our own unique way.

IMG-20140308-WA0006Have you ever given a thought about what makes women so special? May be thinking about the one who raised you up assist the thinking process like your mom, your sister or some other lady who loved you unconditionally when you were absolutely nothing and you had no one. We are sensitive, even the slightest word said to us goes deep within. But sensitive isn’t weak. I don’t think anyone can ever call women as weak or term us as the weaker gender because for that, they need to go through the monthly roller-coaster rides that we have taken since thirteen. 😉

We definitely have something super unusual within us and that’s why we are allowed to celebrate and get a free entry and drinks. With the awesome capacity of carrying six yards on and working, making delicious food and still working, walking through strange popping eyes and sometimes un-wanted comments on the streets and still smiling, going to the most weirdest isolated places because your passion is travelling and exploring the world, giving birth to babies and still managing to stay beautiful, facing breakups, ignorance, partiality, inequality at every stage but still possessing a power to speak and a power to face it and give it back.

Of course a big salute to all the men who think women should have equal rights and should be treated right. For all those who believe we are nothing or just toys to play with I suggest go take up some medications if there are any, do some yoga, meditation to enhance thought process, stay alone you are sick and your illness is harmful to other living beings stressing the need of emergency treatment.

So ladies feel proud for good and all the wonderful men out there, this is your day too as you get a chance to express to you’re Momma, Grandma, Sister, Girlfriend, Wife, Best-friend, Just-a-friend, your Teacher, any Random Lady you meet, that they are just incredible and you can’t have a life without them. 🙂

Happy International Women’s Day!

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