Because It Matters!

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I want to be part of all the roller-coaster ride the life offers and when the ride ends I want to feel “Oh that was an unforgettable ride wish I got another turn!” , said Madhav with his sparkly eyes and confident tone sitting in the hospital ward. Madhav was in his sixteen with perfect skin tone , blue eyes which was full of life, the right blend of innocence and humor, extrovert and jovial. He was studying abroad and had come to India to see his grandfather as he was ill.

On the bed was Ramayya in his 90’s with the wrinkled face, back slightly hunched, string of white hair around the balding, moltened scalp, false teeth just recovering from the major heart attack. With a weak and fragile voice,

Ramayya: I wish I had done things that mattered than the things which I thought was necessary when I was young. I always thought it is not mandatory and took many situations and people to be optional. Even when I realized ego ruled me and never could confess that it MATTERED!

Madhav: Grandpa can I ask what is that mattered which you couldn’t do? Appa keeps saying that you are the man who never changed for anyone isn’t that the biggest asset?

Ramayya: Gives a sarcastic smile definitely “ Man who never changed ! “. It is important to adapt and change accordingly as we grow up dear. Change for better always matters and I wish I followed the below lines:

Never Love for something in return,
Because Purity in Love matters!
Never allow the Goodness die,
Because doing good matters!
Never be afraid to let go of people,
Because saying NO matters!
Never shout out loud,
Because being silent matters!
Never be scared to share your thoughts,
Because communication matters!
Never miss the minute details,
Because little things matters!
Never leave someone alone,
Because being in company matters!
Never leave misunderstandings retain,
Because understanding matters!
Never be lazy to take care of your health,
Because being healthy matters!
Never be adamant thinking only from your perceptions,
Because acceptance matters!
Never let your Ego rule,
Because empathy matters!

Madhav hope you understand what I am trying to say my boy.

Madhav: Oh ya I got it! Maybe, maybe not! and reads his favorite line written by Shakespeare “ With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come” and both laughed out loud!

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