Be A Man for Others

My proposition is simple: BE A MAN FOR OTHERS.

The cycle of human life is essentially the same for most of us. We are born, raised, educated and later perhaps start to build our family and the cycle goes on and on. In general, people tend to breathe their daily existence by this creed: “To live is to work and to work is to live”. Even the richest of the rich must still exert their efforts, though it maybe a lesser one, to make sure the continuance of their provisions whilst the majority of us still strive hard for our daily necessities. What then would be the meaning and perhaps the purpose of our existence? I certainly would not delve within the context of one’s belief or religion as there can be an endless points of view and more often than not, lead to arguments and serious conflicts nor would I share with you the different precepts espoused by the great thinkers, philosophers or management gurus of both past and the present. My proposition is simple: BE A MAN FOR OTHERS.

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My Proposition Is Simple: Be A Man For Others.

How then do we start to think and take steps to become a Man for Others? It is by simply making selfless and charitable acts a part of our lives. We can all definitely give, no matter how diminutive our efforts are, to make this world a safer and more comfortable place to live in.

Just see our world: the first world countries or the highly industrialised nations are more concerned now with the protection of the environment while the poorer or third world countries simply don’t care about this, why? Because their main concern is their economic survival, how they will cut their immense poverty where people live in subhuman conditions deprived of even the most basic needs such as food. Since these countries live in dispossession, be it caused by man or nature, do you think they would be worrying about the long-term protection of the environment? Theirs is a daily issue of survival and that’s their order of the day. The efforts of other nations in achieving long-term environmental goals will not be a success if the poorer nations will not toe the line.

Let me start how each one can live a meaningful life and be a man of others. Let us start with the world’s richest of the rich, the billionaires, the affluent ones, the so-called economic movers. I am most certain that, with their vast wealth, even their fifth or tenth future generations can subsist comfortably. So how can they be a man for others? It is as straightforward as follows:

1. Expand their business empire to poorer nations by creating jobs and employment with due consideration to the protection of environment. For as long as these businesses remain on break even, then they must continue to take steps to help out in alleviating poverty. This way these underprivileged countries can hopefully focus their efforts in protecting the environment. Gone are the days where the so called charitable foundations send aid or donations where the only benefits to the recipients are temporary and offer tax shield advantages to the founders / donors.

2. Take care of their employees ensuring that in their own backyards the basic needs are taken cared of.

3. Sponsor medical and scientific research, missionary tours for volunteers or adopt an economically viable charitable program within their companies so even their own employees can have the avenue to take part.

Remember the super rich people will never suffer the fate of the poor as their vast resources can sustain them for generations. Perhaps their excesses can be put to great and productive use to help humanity and make the world a safer place. With these changes, they can surely say they have lived a meaningful life by becoming a man for others. For the rest of us, the ever hard-working blokes day in day out, the following simple steps can lead to a fulfilment and momentous life, even if only in our own small way:

1. Secure yourself and your family by having a decent job. Provide for the basic needs and a little extra for leisure and relaxation. It is only by having a true balanced life that you can outwardly reach to other people. Don’t even think of helping others when you and your family struggle to straighten out your own lives.

2. Spare time even once a week or once a quarter or even a part of your annual leave to be a volunteer engaging in poverty alleviation programs either in domestic or overseas activities.

At the end of each day before we close our eyes in the evening for our much needed rest, we ask ourselves: have we contributed to make this world a safe place and lived a truly meaningful life? Can you be A MAN FOR OTHERS! I challenge all of you to be one!

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