Awesome – The Ranjhanaa Review

If I were to review this movie in one word- AWESOME !!  Yess.. AWESOME !!!

Synopsis: In simple words – it’s the story of.. Kundan ( played by Dhanush) and Zoya (played by Sonam Kapoor). Kundan is in love with Zoya since childhood and worships the very ground she walks on. There is a Hindu-Muslim angle to the story, a cliché in most hindi movies and still a taboo in our country. There is a twist to the story in the second half and the climax is done very beautifully. I wouldn’t want to reveal the entire plot, but suffice it to say, it is a powerful story.

My Review: I went to the movie just to watch Abhay Deol. His last movie ‘Chakravyuh’ had impressed me a lot. I’ve never watched any movie of Dhanush or for that matter Sonam Kapoor. This was their first movie for me.

Powerful and thrilling story, awesome screen play , very good performance by all actors ! AR Rehman’s awesome songs, superb background scores, the cinematography ! Everything about the movie felt fantastic and added to the thrill of watching the movie on the big screen.

Abhay Deol is superb! Before watching this movie, i wasn’t a fan of Dhanush, I mean he’s not good-looking, a school-boy body, nothing like a hero! I thought that it is because of his being the son-in-law of the Legend that is Rajnikanth that he was in the film line!

But no! He successful because of his performance. Guys he’s a superb performer!! His voice… acting … everything is good. His Bollywood début Raanjhanaa will definitely help him gain a foothold in the Hindi film industry! He’s not a Hindi speaking chap and probably not very fluent at it, as most Tamilians, but he’s bravely gone ahead and dubbed for himself! His voice sounds fresh and his performance is amazing to say the least!

Director Anand Raj is at his best !
Cinematographers – Natarajan Subramaniam and Vishal Sinha ‘s work is very good
Story and Screenplay by – Himanshu Sharma ! Both, I mean.. screenplay, and story are great!

For those who love their movies and yearn for great music, Raanjhanaa is worth it!
Verdict: 4.5/5
About the Author: Ravi Kiran has completed his Pre-University course from Madhava Pai Memorial College, Manipal.

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  1. FYI Dhanush has won a National Award earlier and he’s an established actor in Tamil movies. Great to see someone from the South leave his mark.

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