Chronicles Of MB

Headlines: Congress is ruling India while the BJP is still in Oppostion! We know you were expecting to see ‘Narendra Modi named Prime Minsterial candidate by BJP’  but alas! There is still time for that. :p Namaskaram!! We are your […]

flood 4

“The Himalayan Tsunami”

“Water, water everywhere; not a drop to drink” This one small line that we learnt in childhood, depicts some of the most horrific sights one can imagine or worse see in his lifetime-floods and an utter lack of potable water. […]

article 2


The Mangalorean-Manipalites or the Mango-Manipalites as I would like to call them, no doubt carry the mandate of The Manipal lifestyle-a multicultural blend with 100%life and 100% style in it, however in reality, just as the soldiers on the frontier […]