16 Ways to Make Your Mother Proud

1. Openly stare at a girl’s breasts as she walks by and make her as uncomfortable as possible.

Someone often looks at your mother the same way, why shouldn’t you return the favour?

2. Tell your wife she doesn’t need to work

Because “Women should stay home and look after the kids.”

3. Tell your daughter it’s unsafe for her to go out.

The world is a place full of “Ill-mannered boys.” Turn a blind eye when your son is outside, becoming an “Ill-mannered boy.”

4. Stare at a girl’s butt as she stands in front of you at the escalator.

It’s a free exhibition, after all. Why shouldn’t you enjoy it?

5. Purposely shove your body into that girl’s back as the bus driver pushes the brakes.

Unapologetically do it again and again and again.

6. Feel up a girl and press yourself against her on a crowded train.

She is just a toy meant for you to play with. Her discomfort means nothing. Her dignity doesn’t exist.

7. Refuse to hire young women.

“She would anyways stop working after marriage.”

8. Take your anger out by beating up a woman.

She is weak. You are strong. She can’t stop you.

9. Abuse your daughter-in-law because she gave you a granddaughter and not a grandson.

You wanted a lovely grandchild. Not a curse.

10. Demand a hefty dowry for the girl you wish to marry.

Her parents won’t deny it. They too want to get rid of her as soon as possible. She has no real family.

11. Use separate utensils for your daughter who’s on her period.

She is impure, unhygienic, and dirty.

Once a month, she has no dignity.

12. Tell that anorexic girl she needs to lose weight.

Women must fit the ideal standards set by society. Even if it kills them.

13. Tell the girl at the gym to quit.

She can’t be a bodybuilder. Men don’t like hefty women. Who will marry her?

14. Refuse to send your daughter to school.

After all, her only purpose in life is to serve another man. What does she need education for?

15. Leave nothing for the daughter in your will.

You treated her as an inferior when you were alive. Why should death be any different?

16. Ask an angry co-worker to “Stop PMSing.”

Her emotions aren’t real. It’s not possible for women to get annoyed for legitimate reasons. It must be the hormones.

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