Are Flats and Houses Available for Rent in Manipal?

In short –  Anytime, All year. No Problem at all.

Contrary to popular belief, Manipal is not in the wilderness. It is surrounded by some lush tropical forests but has excellent modern amenities.

This is a university town. So, it has all the facilities that any student will require during their stay and provides all sorts of comforts and amenities. The past decade has seen massive infrastructure build-up often at the cost of nature, however, the amenities offered are simply great.

Do note that students in undergraduate courses are required by Manipal University rules to stay in the hostel for the first year of their stay. That being said, the hostels are some of the best in the country. However, if you still want to move out into a flat or apartment after your first year, then you will have some amazing choices.

Actually, if you do want to move out, dont go for a flat. There are beautiful individual villas and bungalows that you’ll love calling home.  You can go around the town (it’s hardly 20 minutes to anywhere in the area) or you can contact the numerous brokers to show you around.  But before you choose to stay at an apartment or individual house outside the college campus, do note a few pros and cons for the same.

Pros and Cons of staying in hostel room at manipal:

  • Good infrastructure with options to choose based on affordability. Options between Air-conditioned and Non-Air-conditioned rooms, Single-Double-Triple sharing, Hostel blocks or Independent house blocks, etc
  • Never Alone: Staying in the hostel, you’ll never feel alone. There will always be someone in the neighbouring room or in the corridors. You can always find someone with a mind similar to yours , ever ready to accompany you for a midnight snack, or a movie. There will be opportunities to spend time doing nothing, ranting about how all girls cheat and how exams are unfair. Did I mention the amazing birthday celebrations?
  • Gaming: You can play CSGO on lan with your hostel mates.
  • Stunning Vistas: The view from your balcony is stunning and refreshing. This is true if you opt for a valley facing room. The sunrise is something that will be breathtaking every day and you’ll never be short of inspiration.
  • Assured facilities: 24-hour water supply, Hot water supply, water filters,  studying table, internet connectivity (ION 2 Mbps 30gb per month ). Some hostel rooms even have kitchenettes (true for 18th, 19th, 2th and 21st blocks of MIT Manipal hostels) in the room.
  • Free amenities: All Manipal University hostels have TV rooms where you can enjoy watching football, cricket or any other tournaments. The ambience while watching with friends and strangers is something you can never experience outside of hostels. You will also be secure 24 hours.
  • Sports facilities: All Manipal University hostels have a table tennis room, and some even have gymnasium facilities in the hostel premises.
  • Food at your convenience: There is an Individual mess for each hostel or a group of hostel blocks. Food court 1 and Food court  2 can cater to your requirements at all times.
  • Maintenance: This may be a problem in some hostel blocks which are comparatively older, but the complaints are usually resolved within a short time.
  • Space: you may take time to adjust to the comparatively smaller rooms. Also, if you are an introvert, it may take a lot out of you at a hostel.

It will cost you around Rs. 1 lakh /- for staying in hostel including mess charges in double share non-ac attached room.  Rs. 1 lakh 30 thousand for double share ac room or a single attached room. You will have very few regrets staying at a Manipal University hostel.

Pros  and Cons of staying in Flats/Houses at Manipal

  1. No perm time: You are free to come home any time of the day or night. you can do night outs at a friends home. If you are in relationship then you know what I mean 😉
  2. No restrictions on alcohol or food.  You will have your own TV, refrigerator, kitchen , A/C etc.
  3. Apartments around Eeshwar Nagar are nearer to academic blocks as compared to the hostels (especially for MIT students).
  4. It is just like staying in your own home without parents and you can do whatever you want. You can have visitors, your parents can stay with you when they visit.
  5. Less expensive: It costs less or equivalent staying in an apartment compared to hostel block. However do note that there are a lot of other charges that you do not account for. They almost always find ways of digging into your deposit for some reason or the other before you leave.
  6. The fear of new place will worry you as well as your parents. Initially most of the freshers might consider the hostel as safe option to stay, and I won’t disagree upon that.
  7. Cooking! You will get really lazy to cook food by your self. Just a suggestion- Get yourself a hotel management student as a flatmate. 😀
  8. Not so safe: You may not have much of security staying in an individual home or rented apartment. This is a major drawback if you are the sort to keep valuables with you.
  9. Water and Electricity issue: The hostels have assured water and electricity 24 hours of the day. Same can’t be guaranteed in the flats/houses outside. There are frequent electricity and water disruptions, especially during the summer and monsoon season. This can throw you off. Apart from this, you’ll need to pay the water and electricity bills, maid charges, laundry charges etc, bu yourself.
  10. Feeling alone: Staying with 2 in a flat compared to staying with 50-70 people in a hostel block is something you will have to think about.

I personally think everyone should live by themselves at least for a few years in their lives. It gives you perspectives on various things, privacy and peace of mind.

All in all, if you can afford it, staying out is a better choice. However, live in the hostel for a few months to figure it out first.

Good luck!

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