Apple will turn to large iPhones in 2022

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The renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has shared some of his forecasts regarding Apple’s plans for next year. Among other changes, he predicts the renewal of large iPhone models with a considerable price reduction to adapt them to the bulk of its customer base.

According to Kuo, Apple will once again bet heavily on large-screen iPhones in 2022 and a model, specifically the 6.7-inch, whose sale price would be less than $ 900. Compared to its current equivalent, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, whose price starts at its base configuration at $ 1,099, we would be talking about at least $ 200 less, which comes from Apple sounds at least unlikely.

Be that as it may, Kuo sustains his predictions in a paradigm shift. Even the apple company has not been able to remain oblivious: large mobiles triumph among all audiences. Launching a cheaper one outside the professional line can come in handy for the brand. Thus, the bet of a supposed 6.7-inch iPhone 14 is complemented by a second 6.1-inch model.

The Minis will disappear among iPhones in 2022

However, the latter would be the equivalent of the current iPhone 12 Pro, like the larger model, without the accompanying “Pro.” Kuo’s forecasts, however, go further, and these are shared by other analysts, who see the 5.7-inch iPhone Mini disappear from the map, according to what they maintain, due to its low sales. If this information is confirmed, the iPhone 12 Mini, and not the iPhone 13 Mini, would be the last to see the light.

On what are they based on determining the change of cycle? It may be based on an internal report commissioned by Apple at the end of last year. This report pointed out the flight of customers in favor of Samsung and other manufacturers of Android phones to access larger but more affordable terminals. And when Apple loses a customer, it doesn’t just lose it because of the hardware, but because of the other services.

Other predictions of Kuo for the iPhones in 2022 include features such as fingerprint readers under the screen or a new iPhone SE with 5G … But like everything in life, as reputed as Kuo is, he has been right on occasion. And has failed in many others. We will have to see what they cook in Cupertino. Meanwhile, all eyes are on the next generation.

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