Angel so Divine

angel divine

So lost in a world of mine
didnt hav any track of time
life seemed like a bottle of wine
was the illussion damn fine?.

living on a mountain peak
little did i no my vision was bleak
and my strength would be weak
rolling down i would seek

“Death before the next SUNSHINE”,

hitting hard against the rocks
lost keys to all the locks

lying unconscious with the guilt of “CRIME”
there came the next sunshine
carrying me away from the border line
was an angel so divine

tended every wound with care
gave a golden heart to share
i could now dare
there was no flare which could scare

this journey is beautiful
loads of memories wonderful

and now if i reach that border line
there would be no fear of mine
out of the darkness i would shine
and always reside under halo of thine..

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