Where Fear Holds No Ground (An Ode to shaheed Tukaram Omble)


Where fear holds no ground (an ode to shaheed tukaram omble) 1It’s a cold, starry night
On the eve of 26/11/2008
The stars burn bright

The city twinkles, hums, and whirrs around me
As I twirl my baton, and take my place
For none but God to see

I speak to my family,
To assure them that things are fine
That the cries of the wounded aren’t mine

As my superior contacts me, and the radio crackles
The Devil has come, he instructs me
And by no means
Should I leave it unshackled

I see them, the agents of Evil
Rushing towards my post
The night rancid, with the Stench of their crimes
As the feeling of pure fear
Runs through the spines
Of all the men around me

The Vessel of Destruction,
Comes to a rapid, screeching halt
Near the barricades of courage and honour
So efficiently erected, by God‘s Angels
To resist the plunder of the Dark

My comrades fire, with a sense of duty
Apon the cursed Chariot
To wipe out the Essence of Doom
To quiet Satan’s own voice
Which has aroused them from their blissful sleep
To face the test of a lifetime

Baton held aloft, head held high
I advance, with God‘s name
To the stalled Chariot
Wherein lie the men to blame
For the murder of my brothers, sisters and kin
In this city, this great apostle of God

I wrench open the mangled door
To see them inert, lying motionless on the floor
The progeny of Terror, the Seeds of Unrest
As I turn around to contact my team
Tension uncoils heavily in my breast

As the Leader, wakes up from his self-imposed feint
And fires, from his weapon of destruction
Oh God, never before, Have I felt such pain
As his bullets of Evil
Tear me apart, again, and yet again

My speech has deserted me now
The air rustles around me
And the wind ruffles my hair
As the Terrorist struggles under me
Unable to dislodge my presence
He fires in vain
In God‘s loving embrace
I feel no more pain

I rise, on the wings of Velvet
Into the light
Towards the Gates of Heaven
Although the fire inside me
Still burns bright
I see him, below me
His face contorted in fright

I experience a sense of purpose
As my Lord’s aides
Capture him, the only terrorist to be claimed alive
By this incarceration, he shall be held accountable
For the multitude of his crimes

I feel deeply, for my love, and my children
As they suffer a cruel fate
Their lives marked for bloodshed, suffering
As they hope for my survival
Not knowing of the imminent breach of innocence
That the morning news shall briing, a pain that none shall rival

It’s been but two days
Since I departed this world
And the last of the Murderers
Have been rooted out
The Police say, it’d been ten of them, just 10 all told

My city, lies static, gasping from its wounds
A thousand dead, they say
As my house and neighbourhood, are devoid of the sounds
The Temples, Mosques and Churches
Are alight in the night sky
As they pray, for their loved ones
And for the countless innocent victims
In this Battle of Gods, Of Religions
Of Ideologies, and Beliefs

Don’t they realize, that we are all similar
In anatomy and feelings,
In structure and emotions
Not animals but humans,
Those that can understand, and feel
God‘s greatest creations, all under the same seal
Of Homo Sapiens , the intelligentsia

The candles have been lit, at CST, Chowpatty
And the rest of the places
Where Terror closed its cold fist
To dispel the unwelcome mist
An attempt to bring the city back
To its unrestrained glory
The spirit of Mumbaikars, as always, is back on track

As I look down, a while later
I see a statue of mine
In all its splendour, glowing bright
At the spot, where I’d laid down my life
For all thats Good and Right
My decades old photograph, adorns my earthly abode
Garlanded with flowers, and beside it lies my stick
A constant companion, through the decades of service

All I hope for, all I yearn for
Is a land of peace, as my Lord has always strived for
A place of comfort, secular and unbounded
By any of the restraints, the abidement of a Fool’s declaration

For all of us are united, in birth, by the heart that beats unfailingly inside us
By the ears that twitch, when they hear our mother’s voice
Or by our skin, that reacts instantaneously, to her beloved touch
The brain is but a dangerous thing, which when once unleashed
Can be stopped by no one

But as long as we trust in God, in his infinite capacity for truth
And his inhuman patience, his capacity for forgiveness
We shall be well along, the road to absolution
Along the strait of Purpose
Encouraged to fulfill our destiny
In the land, where Fear holds no ground

Jai Hind!

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