An Interview with Sajjad Fazel: Person of the Day

My advice to budding photographers is, Be Creative, Take lots and lots of Pictures and always think different.

1. Describe Sajjad Fazel . . .

I am a very ambitious person. I like to think big and think different. My interests vary from art to science to economics. I have explored different hobbies and interests like; art, painting, crafts, finance, media, writing, photography, etc. I love traveling and have spent a good amount of time traveling in and around Africa, middle east and Asia. I am hope to someday build a vast business empire.

An interview with sajjad fazel: person of the day 1
My Advice To Budding Photographers Is, Be Creative, Take Lots And Lots Of Pictures And Always Think Different.

2. Dar Es Salaam and Manipal: Tale of two cities? Your take . ..

Dar es salaam is and always be HOME. It is where I was born and brought up. It is the place where my family has established itself, financially, politically and socially. It’s also a GREAT place for a holiday !! 🙂

Manipal though is a good place to study and unlike others I chose to come to Manipal and am glad of having this opportunity of studying in one of the most prestigious universities in India. The people are good, the weather is alright and the food is great. 🙂

3. What are your thoughts on ManipalBlog. Do you suggest any changes?

I like ManipalBlog and I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate the ManipalBlog team for creating this great site where everyone can share their thoughts, ideas and talents.

I would suggest that the Photography, food and travel section be updated often. It would also be great if ManipalBlog could have many competitions of photography, painting, writing, etc throughout the year.

4. Tell us something about Photography. Any tips for budding photographers?

Photography today is different from when it was back in the old days. Today with digital photography, the equipment isn’t difficult to get. A beginner can have similar cameras to professionals. My advice to budding photographers is, Be Creative, Take lots and lots of Pictures and always think different.

5. Pharmacy and Photography – how do you plan to manage your future with them?

Pharmacy is my main career and profession and I hope it would be the foundation for my future endeavors. However, Photography especially, wildlife, street and macro photography would always be something I do as a hobby. To see some examples of my work you can visit my photography page on Facebook – Sajjad Fazel Photography 🙂

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