Of Alpha males and Emails.

emails and alpha males

(How time flies! Time was when I considered Manipal as my home. Now wonder if even there is one single student who knows me! But my love affair with Manipal never ended. Manipal Blog is that last thread to keep in touch. I am a campus recruitment trainer and have a group in FB by the name ‘ Cracking Interviews can be fun’. But today this post is for the students who are now on the threshold of their corporate journey)

So what exactly is an Alpha male? He is cool. He is confident. When he walks into a room, everyone stops and notices.

When they speak, other guys listen. Guys want to hang out with them. Women want to date them. They’re alpha males.

Now one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that those are the ones who can get themselves selected in any of the premium companies.

So what is the relation between the Alpha males and emails? Not much really except that sometimes their Alpha-ism could be the reason for their setback in their jobs.

There is a fine line between confidence and over confidence. Over confidence can sometimes lead to uncomfortable situations.

Let me offer an example. You have completed your degree with the best grades, You are smart and are now in one of the premier MNCs. You have everything anyone can aspire for- money, position a pretty girl friend! Looks like Lady Luck sat and herself wrote your destiny.

Everything is going fine. Suddenly one day, you receive an email from your boss scolding you for no fault of yours. You are livid. You want to teach the jerk a lesson. You immediately sit on your desk and angrily shoot an email. You are happy. You have given as good as you got.

Satisfied with your ‘ a job done well’, you head for your game of Tennis. For you now the score reads love all.

Not quite.

You have stirred a hornet’s nest. This email can reach the HR and you may be asked to explain. This may be serious or may not be serious. Sometimes you may even lose your job all because of a stupid email! This is not an exaggeration.

One should be very careful when writing emails.emails and alpha males
So how do you deal with this monster? I have three mantras for you :

  1. Always be courteous and polite in your emails.

    You are not Virat Kohli and this is not a cricket ground.

  2. Never ever respond to any emails when you are angry.

    You can invite the person to a boxing arena and box the living daylight out of him. But don’t show your anger on mails. It is a permanent record and it can go against you.

   Give your anger some time to dissipate. Then take some more time. Go and have a coffee. While coming back

   bring some sachets of sugar with you. Start writing. Add the sugar!

3. Never discuss any important issue orally.

Put it in an email. This ensures that the other person cannot back out. Do so specially when you are dealing with HR. The HR has a notoriously low memory when something doesn’t suit them and a razor sharp one when it suits them.

Until the next time, with another tip. Good Luck.

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