All that glitters is not gold

The sordid pressures of today,
Often lead the best astray.
Though to the world they may seem gay;
In their mindless pursuit, their lives are grey.

So what is your true heart’s desire?
It used to be food, lodging and well, maybe fire;
But now your wants become needs and they pile higher and higher.
What price will you pay, to what depths will you conspire?Bokeh

How many of us have felt dawn’s light on our face
Or sent love letters all bordered with lace?
Instead we remain fixed firmly to the race,
The simple pleasures of life, gone without a trace.

Why must we struggle, why must we strive?
How much can we spend for something to drive?
As a human race do we really thrive
When our living habits resemble bees in a hive?

Where is the laughter, where is the joy?
Why don’t we play with our children, not just give them toys?
Your offspring are your future be it a girl or boy;
Teach them to care and not to destroy.

Is money the answer, is money the key?
Is your true worth measured by your golfing fees?
Can’t we slow down, take a walk among the trees?
A waste of time you say, no thank you, please!

Our technology is great, our efficiency boggles the mind
But morals and ethics lag far far behind.
Look deep inside yourself and maybe you’ll find
Our eyes of compassion have slowly become blind.

When the end is near, curtains for your role
And all your troubles have taken their toll,
You find to your horror, your soul you have sold
And all that glitters is not gold.

About the Poet: Chin Yin Leong Kevin is an alumnus of Melaka Manipal Medical College. This poem won the 1st prize in the Poetry Competition 2000 at International College of Health Sciences, Manipal.

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