How good is Manipal ProLearn for advanced Excel coaching? Should I go for it?

advanced excel coaching

Manipal ProLearn offers a variety of courses, one of them being a course for Advanced Excel skills. If you are a finance student, then you most probably know the importance of Excel skills. Excel is used to store all the data and calculate the profits, loss, and other financial terms. Though necessary Excel skills are taught in school and almost everyone knows how to enter data in the sheet, there are some advanced skills in Excel that one should know, to make work simpler and smoothly done.

Now you would say why do we need advanced skills in Excel? So, here is the answer to your question.

Why do you need an Advanced Excel skills course?

There are certain benefits that one can get through this course for Advanced Excel. This course will provide you with a certificate stating the completion of the course along with your status, which will increase the looks of your CV and will even give you recognition. Apart from this, some of the other reasons as to why you need to enroll yourself in this course, are stated below.

Increasing efficiency:

The course offers various tricks and speeds up your proficiency in Excel, thus helping you in saving some amount of time. There are tricks such as using some particular formulas, copying data and many more, which will help you in the long run.

Advanced formulas:

Excel is known for formulas. Though we know the basic formulas that are used daily, some advanced formulas will make your work simpler and help you in multitasking too. This course gives you the idea of how you can crunch data, analyze data and even get the solutions to most complex jobs or data entry without much difficulty. The advanced Excel course also teaches you to combine two formulas and use them, so that you can perform the task in one step, rather than going through various steps, like combining the SUM and IF formula to make SUMIFS, or SUMPRODUCT and many more.

Conditional formatting:

This is one such feature that will help you to highlight the critical portions of the datasheet. Through this feature, you can present the employees that are good, average or poor in performance by highlighting them in different colors. It saves time, rather than writing down their performance in a column.

Data power query:

Once you get to know the Advanced Excel skills, you would be able to present your data sheet more impressively, rather than to make it look messy. The features such as “Power Query,” which helps in getting and transforming data into a more straightforward format, comes handy while arranging the sheet for presentation.

Manipal ProLearn Advanced Excel course

Manipal Pro offers an Advanced excel course, which will help you a lot in your work profile. The course covers all the essential things that are needed for the person and will surely increase your efficiency, skills, and make you more confident.

The Manipal ProLearn Advanced Excel course was started in 2016 and is one of the most recognized and trusted certification courses that you learn from your home itself. What will you get to learn from this course? You will get to know all the advanced formulas, data entry tricks, the key features of MS Excel, and all the skills which will make your work easier.

This particular course from Manipal ProLearn will also prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam, which, when you clear the exam, will give you a certificate which is of the highest importance. You even get videos of the classes, teaching material, case studies, and even doubt clearing sessions, which will help you in getting the full benefit of the course, and also, the course fee is affordable.

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