A Town Full of Memories – A place called Manipal University Jaipur

After completing my 1st year B.Tech (Information Technology) from Manipal University Jaipur, when I look back towards this journey, I think I can divide these most memorable days of my life into 3 parts.

Part 1: The journey that landed me here, here in Manipal University Jaipur.

Part 2: Those early months of nervousness in Manipal life.

Part 3: The days of self-conquest in Manipal.

I would be lying if I say that part 1 is no more a part of my life. Those days at Impact, Target and Hansraj still reflect so many memories in my mind, all fresh. The hard work we all did, 3-4 hours classes we had, the regular Target test series, the strictness of Pankaj sir, his ever so cool style, and most important of all, the encouraging speeches given by him, the booklets that had “Jab tu jaage, tabhi savera“. To be very honest, the journey of my preparation days always made me have a picture of the so called “college life” in my mind. Even sitting in a group, after so many days, the endless talks with friends of those good old days still have not come to an end and they will never as well.

After all those days of hard work, depression and turmoil. I landed up here. Here, a place called Manipal University, Jaipur, fondly named MUJ by its residents. 1st August 2014, the most important day of my life began with the starting of part 2. The day I entered this big institute. MUJ Jaipur Campus

Part 2 is probably a time where I guess every fresher experiences the most shocking yet thrilling and exciting start to his Manipal life, not to forget the fear of being ragged. Stepping out of home, alone, introduced to a new phase of life, it can surely put any fresher into a sea of nervousness. It was no different for me as well. But, then, what followed was absolutely an amazing welcome from the institute. The first 10-15 days saw us all having fun beyond comparison, the best part was NO RAGGING. From fresher parties which were unique in their own way. We never had a fresher party in college itself. Our beloved seniors organised various parties for us in the heart of Jaipur.

The fresher week saw us all participating in different endless activities. From every sport that can come to our minds (except golf and ice hockey) to every extracurricular activity of debating, quizzing, dancing, singing, modelling, MUJ was ready for it all. The clubs, Hindi Sahitya Club, Tractrix (Maths Club), TMC (The Music Club), Cinefelia (The theatre group), Green Club, Spic Macay, RPM (Automobile club) etc etc… We were put across a pool of some many untouched activities, that the adrenalin rush within, forced me to become a part of many clubs and I don’t even remember how effortlessly MUJ made me publish 2 of my research papers in 1st year itself.manipal-pillai-student

Then with time, one starts to become a resident of the hostel life. The love and loyalty for your floor mates. Participating in week/fortnight long practices, hours of club meetings. That’s how my life fared through first year. OH! I forgot, there were exams, the SESSIONALS and SEMESTERS which interrupted us all, very often. The busy life at hostel never gave us the time to think about them unless they were right there. Classs rooms jaipur

With Part 3 came a time after which I as an individual became independently settled and was completely in love with the campus life. No doubt as the time passes, life gets busier but not tougher. In fact one of the good things that every hosteler learns through the process is that no matter what comes, one can never compromise on the moments of fun. All the weirdest and the wildest birthday parties get celebrated at midnight, all birthday treats literally fetched ones happen in time, all of the new movies get seen in a theatre, every new restaurant on campus (Tandoor, The Canteen) gets checked out, a lot of fun happens but somehow the reports and the files and the assignments from the department gets managed on their own. That’s what a hostel life makes you perfect at.

The best thing about being a part of Manipal is its prestige value, a brand name. With the beginning of the last semester, began a new free life in campus, for all the 4th year seniors and for us as juniors as well. With the start of placement season, the time to party begins,treats,repeated treats and staying awake all through the night once again became the most important part of our lives. The last 2 months spent at MUJ were the most memorable days of my stay here, that I can recall. This was the time when nostalgia swept in that we won’t see the fourth years now, old good fellows, the bonds that you make with your seniors is for lifetime.

At the end of the year you start missing your college and you hate the 2.5 months’ vacation lying in front of you (And how you wanted them bad back in college).

The clubs, the fest, the birthday parties, a few lectures as well and your friends.

A home away from home.

My first year at Manipal University Jaipur was probably the best thing that had ever happened to me. This place taught me a lot of things, few harsh realities of life as well, from those sleepless nights to joyful mornings. This place has a part of me with it and it will always have no matter where I go.

So, this was how I felt being at MUJ in my first year. A lot more is about to come from my Manipal Diary soon.

Manipal University Jaipur is the home that I chose!!! This place is my paper town!!!


  1. You write good. My friend too is from muj and he is one who directed me here. Would be eagerly waiting for the coming issues. And yes he is also a first year guy.

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