A Reflection: Back Then and Now

The generation gap widens with each successive generation and it is mostly because of new advancements in technology. Some parents have kept them up- to- date with the new happenings of the tech world while others still lag behind which leads to a gap widened further .


Our generation is a spoon fed generation. If we are bored we have TV, where we sit in front of the box for hours or our smartphone or laptop to give us a quick access to internet. If we are hungry- just order somthing online or go to the kitchen and have something from the refrigerator. Convenience has been the major factor in today’s world. But our previous generation was not spoon fed, they had to use their hands if they need anything.


The problem with our generation is that we think ourselves to be capable of changing the world but we never really do anything regarding this. If we don’t want to work we just get away giving some logical reasons to fool people around.

Most of our parents worked hard ‘coz that’s what they were taught and asked to implement their whole life. They worked because they had to in order to survive. If they din’t work they knew the outcome was to starve and die.

But look at us- we have it the other way round. If we don’t do hard work we know we won’t die starving. Our parent’s sweat and hard work is there for our rescue. We know that our laziness won’t decrease our standard of living- Thanks to our parents who worked their asses off to give us this platform.


But don’t you think we have some responsibilities and commitments towards our parents, society and our future life to set an example like our parents did for us. We don’t want our children to say and inherit our laziness from us or let the hard work of our parents go in vain. So before doing anything just close your eyes and think about your parents and think is this correct? I know this sounds stupid but just try because this is the only way to look inside yourself and differentiate between right and wrong.


A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

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