A Prophecy Re-Invented – Samyuktha Raghuraman


A prophecy re-invented - samyuktha raghuraman 1Theme: The Tablet, 21/12, Technology saves humanity from the Mayans.

It was half past eight A.M and daffodil cringed in the heat as the sun hammered down mercilessly. She was rummaging the chesterfield for her thingamajig and her palm hit something hard. It was her treasured i-pad that boasted of a whopping 800 G.B. capacity of space and its sleek black coat looked suave and in-vogue. The staccato bleep caught her eyes as she grew accustomed to the garbled message from her friend. It read about a prophecy that once circulated about the Mayan calendar. The forecast had predicted an en-mass destruction on December 2012. The bulletin read


‘’ the Mayans would invade your territory…

Prepare yourself for your heavenly sojourn …..

Adieu ‘’.


Daf being the pragmatic person that she was discarded this primer as a speck of dust and trashed it. She then plugged into her earphones and sporadically crooned with David Louis Armstrong’

‘’ I see trees of green, red roses too…. And I think to myself what a wonderful world…’’


She then hastily pulled out her amazon kindle and logged on to F.B. where the entire walls were jettisoned with blurbs of conversations about the aforesaid prophecy.

‘’ is it the universal doomsday?’’

Her mind did a vertical somersault and the butterflies in her tummy were sashaying zealously. She recalled the movie 2012 that had projected destructions that was beyond repair. She shoddily punched a message to her friend but was crestfallen when it bombarded back to her own inbox. Was there a jam with the network? , Daf pondered.she then uploaded her pictures on F.B. and slammed her palmtop and i-pad into her windcheater and jogged outside.


The street was ominous and was abnormally deserted. The trees were drooping down sans their green hues and the imminent death was prominent. The azure and pallid sky was sodden with low-hanging clouds. She could sense the deviation. Suddenly but instinctively, she felt a spasm of convulsion in her body. A jab of pain. A powerful force was pulling her down, similar to a deft pair of hands. She felt the chasm herself into a horizontal yawn and she plummeted down. She kicked her hands, and thrashed them in air but nothing budged.


The heat was mercurial. Her lungs were choked with gravel and cement. The asphalt road then like a miraculous was of gum struck itself close. No beholder has witnessed her turmoil. Her mind reached dizzying heights, was this the doomsday prophecy?,or is she being abducted ?. she then looked around and swallowed hard that the décor looked similar to the long-gone Egyptian civilisation.in a desperate attempt she lunged to dial home from her gizmo but it suddenly floated in mid-air. A figure then de-shrouded himself from that cloak of invisibility. He was a pygmy-sized man, presumably in his forties complete with an affable smile.

What did he want with her?;



Daf was startled to find the entire cohort of his team with absurd looking clothes behind her. The hieroglyphics on the walls radiated an intriguing halo.  This was the Mayan’s den. The resilience in her kindled her to lip something inaudibly. A faintly husky, but commanding voice yelled,



‘’Eh, you guinea pig, derogatory earthling,’’ he scoffed


Tell me why are you causing en-mass destruction?. The earth is melting under the heat due to global warming, there is rampant pollution and earth is infested with modern day diseases. we want to wipe out the entire population and restore placidity. We have the intense prowess to reign the five elements. We can unleash tsunami, make the earth quake and unfurl mighty hurricanes. We can erase the trace earthlings and reign earth blissfully ‘’ he concluded.



‘’What did I do?. In fact I even head my school’s eco-club.’’ Daf muttered.


‘’ Bah! One good mango in a whole pile of rotten ones. ‘’

‘’Hey! Guinea pig, I grabbed you to know preserve a specimen copy of a reckless specimen to preserve in my museum.’’


The entire Mayan crew laughed as if it were an amusing joke.


The other figure asked what the flat, rectangular object was and daf instantly figured that he was referring to the gizmo.


‘’Oh that! It is my i-pad tablet, I listen to music, play games and seamlessly connect with my friends.’’

She felt her own voice strange and her body was throbbing hard. She was not yet accustomed to the new milieu. Contrary to the bucolic earth, this place was devoid of anything familiar.


‘’Can you give us a chance so that the GEN-x can foster and restore earth to her former glory.’’ Daf pleaded.


The man grossly looked at her with condescending eyes. He slyly mumbled ‘’ hah! The little girl tells us to wait longer. We have hungrily waited for eons to relieve earth from the earthlings and replete the planet with a new life that is devoid of pollution and warming.’’


The sarcasm dripping from his mouth made Daf smile wryly. Maybe she still could save her skin from being roasted. That was when an idea struck her shrivelled brain.


Can we sign a deal?’ she pleaded.


The obscure figure screamed a scowl.


Daf pulled out her palmtop from her pocket.  She sifted through a snippet of headlines.


‘’ mild tremors in Jakarta’’

‘’Signs of tsunami in Philippines’’


The garbled message made her heart skip a beat. The Mayans has already embarked on their rampage. She now logged onto her F.B. homepage and pointed her fingers across the monitor as the curious Mayans peered with a disgusted wry.



She erratically typed a blurb of message. She than told the Mayans that she was initiating a ‘’plant tree drive’’. She sent the message to all her friends and in turn asked them to pass it on to all their acquaintances.






Since there were signs of quake the motion was initiated and was a resounding success. The drive created ripples across the world. People feared the prophecy and initiated the motion.


Daf then convince the Mayan that a campaign was launched on the web through her tablet and it was to restore earth to her former glory.  The Mayan though apprehensive grasped the gravity of the situation.

He let her continue her work and re-called the unleashed quake that he had earlier triggered. Daf typed on her tablet and re-invented the earlier prophecy. It read


‘’ FOSTER NATURE AND BEQUEATH A BETTER EARTH TO YOUR PROGENY’’. It was circulated en-mass and the Mayans were convinced that indeed that there might be positive responses.


Daf meanwhile explained all about technology, tablets, F.B., twitter to the Mayans who seemed inquisitive and hungry for more.


They let her go and she had fleeting memories of what had happened and assumed that she suffered concussion. She found herself in her home and it was just 8.45 a.m. and a faction of 15 minutes had elapsed since she left home. Can the encounter with the Mayans be true? Or was it a reverie in broad daylight.

She then logged onto F.B. and found a request from a stranger. The name read RAGLHLIZ. She stared at the picture and realised that the man was the Mayan stranger whom she had encountered that  day.

After all technology had saved the day and the prophecy had been re-invented.

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