A note on fatherhood

I cannot think of any need in childhood, as strong as the need for a fathers protection.  Sigmund Freud

It is neither too early nor too late, to highlight the importance of the need for more honourable dads in our country. A need certainly exists, in India, for more men to take the lead and steer the drifting men in society back in line.

Some have suggested that the lack of positive role models for young boys, in the form of strong men, leaves a gap or void in the society and can certainly account for a lot of the violence and other ills being seen in society. While mothers certainly can do their best and can offer all the emotional and financial support they have in them to give, it stands to reason and to research, that males during their development need to successfully create their identities, and this can be helped by having a responsible, capable male from who to learn.

Besides working, a lot of fathers don’t know how to be involved in their child’s life. Image Source: Fathers, We have to do More Than Just Provide!!

Now there are many debates over whether fathers favour daughters or sons more. However, what many will not debate is the need for fathers everywhere to step up to the plate and play a more active role in the rearing of their children/wards. Gone are the days where the father is seen as only the bread winner who goes out to the fields and toils until sunset to bring the bread home for his family. Changing roles in society now allow for fathers to play a more in-depth role in the care of their offspring. Indeed many have accepted such changing roles and are seen taking their children to and from daycare and school, to the doctor, to the beach or for a night out. Many young men are seen accompanying young mothers on shopping trips or generally helping out in carrying the child physically or in providing for the childs needs emotionally and otherwise.

However, some are still in hiding. This is clear as they are many single mothers who have to grapple with child rearing on their own or who have to look to father figures for support. There are still many more who have to be persuaded by the court, that payment of child support is a must to make sure that their children thrive. Others still have their children living in fear, or present to them double standards from which chaos can only come.

On the other hand, there are many men who will grow up without a father present in the household, yet will be able to reach adulthood successfully, through the active participation of another male figure. Though not biological fathers, there are some men in society who nevertheless carry the characteristics expected of fathers and who can bring to bear their goodly influence on the men who need it.

While parenting is never easy, to do so alone presents even more of a challenge. It would be admirable for young fathers and fathers to be, to do all they can to learn to see their children into adulthood successfully by joining young mothers in seeking out for parenting advice. Hats off to those however, who have taken up the challenge to attempt to master the art of fatherhood.

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