A Name – Gift or Curse?

A name…. A gift or a curse..? Some take pride when similar name to theirs’ make headlines for good things in life, some feel insulted when the same thing happened over a bad reason. Hence, why do we relate so much to names..? After all, name is just insignificant few letters or merely a word in general… or is there something more to it?

Pondering over my name, I came up with many conclusions. To me, name itself is not just a simple word but a “sentence”. It is a dream, composed of colors of human’s passion comprising love… lust… pride… and even greed! It is also a way our parents express their alter ego.

A name can be a very personal thing. It resembles a powerful piece of who we are. A name applied to us, identifies us. Also a sound we respond to. An invocation of who we are. A symphony to lovers’ ears, a call of anger from our parents, a sound we relate to others. It is something subjective that serves to designate and uniquely pick us from the crowd of many others. If repeated, it comes as a chant… while invoking the very fundamental of our being. It is not at all who we are, yet we are quite someone different when it changes.


Ironically, we seldom address ourselves with our very own name. We tend to forget and ignore the significance of it. Some do not care the impact of their doings on their name. Is this all because they took it for granted that their name belongs to them alone? Or is this attitude a way to protest against the responsibility and hope bestowed upon them? Whatever the reason might be…, the question remains: is it wrong for parents to put hope and take pride for something that is their very own?

I believe, they deserve to name us in the color of their passion and it is not just our destiny but also our duty to fulfill it. After all we too take pride being associated with names of people with achievements, so why not our parents and others related to us do so? It is high time for us to realize that we are an ambassador of our family, hence are bounded to honor them by achieving what we are meant to be.

It is undeniable that being in a foreign country, we tend to think that we can create a clean sheet once we are back home. But do keep in mind that, it is easier to create history than having to change it. So, let us all create a history that will make our future generations be proud when mentioning our name due to their association with us… Let us carve our name on the memorial stone of greatness. It is not just a due to be paid but also a duty we are obligated to carry…

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