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Through this article, I would like to share the magnificance of Manipal. What you see is the transformation of an ordinary and heavy set boy brought about by this heavenly place. I didn’t know I looked that bad until I came to Manipal.

First year was a nightmare. Many people made fun of my body and how I looked at that time. I got myself enrolled to Marena. Even being a part of MIT Cricket Team didn’t help me get rid of the insults.

Come second year… I gained even more weight. I became a foodie as Manipal is a paradise for food lovers. I was playing regularly… hitting the gym daily, but nothing seemed to help. By the time 2nd year got over… I missed the 100kg mark by just 3 kilos.

Third year started. I started cursing my genes for being that heavy. Insults didn’t stop at all. I promised my first year friends that I’ll show them my abs before leaving college and instead of inspiring me, that promise backfired as I was not showing any progress at all and people kept making fun of me. The insults intensified as 3rd year almost came to an end and I was seen as a loser who even after practicing daily at the ground and hitting the gym for 6 whole semesters couldn’t do much except give excuses.

I didn’t know Manipal had something very very special in store for me.

Final year came. Everybody gets excited for the final year photo shoot. I promised myself to look my best for the photo-shoot. I quit DeeTee and all junk food.

I dropped some 15 pounds in 4 months. I was more than happy for myself. I was content with the fact that I somehow managed to equal the expectations of the people of MIT,  and I didn’t feel like a dirty fish in the pond anymore.

Then 8th sem happened.  The coolest phase of your college life.

One day, I was at the Physical Sports department waiting for Kempraj Sir. He was late as usual so I decided to go through the department’s notice board. I read “Manipal University inter-collegiate Best Physique competition” on 21st March 2015.

This was something I wanted badly. I had to answer a whole lot of people and I had found a way for it. I went home… told my friends about my willingness to participate in it. One of my best friends checked me out from head to toe and burst into laughter. It came as a shock to me. 2014 ended.

I started January 1st. I only had 80 days in hand. I quit all forms of sugar, oil and every junk item one can think of. I just held an image of myself standing there at the podium and posing in front of the people who once laughed at me.
I sacrificed all the distractions Manipal had to offer for those 80 days.

From Heavy to Fit in 80 days

Competition day… I invited my Cricket team mates and my friends for the show. I won gold. The same set of people who once laughed at me were chanting my name like madmen.

This man.Yes, this man.The only man behind what I'm today.My trainer, mentor and a great teacher.You made me achieve something I could only dream of.  With Sunil Kumar
This man.Yes, this man.The only man behind what I’m today.My trainer, mentor and a great teacher.You made me achieve something I could only dream of.
With Sunil Kumar

Before I could gather my senses… I was already inspired by Manipal. It gave me the purpose of my life.

Today, I’m done with college and am away from Manipal. But, what happened to me that evening inspired me to take body building as a career. Currently, I am preparing for Musclemania 2015 in the Muscle Model category.

I’m glad I came to Manipal. It does miracles to you. It instilled so much confidence in me that I decided to choose the very thing as my career which haunted me for a major part of my stay in Manipal.

No doubt this place is magical. I promise to give back something to this place which gave me a new identity and a life.

P.S. My sole purpose of this post is to reach out to those people in Manipal who are suffering with their bodies. I’ve been through the pain and the shame. Believe me… you can change yourself the day you decide it as badly as you want to breathe. I’m up for any kind of help regarding diet and workouts. I’ll be more than happy to help anyone from this Dreamland.

This is my diet plan,

6 am: Protein Shake

8 am: Breakfast. Cereals(oats preferably)in skimmed milk with few almonds and walnuts 10 egg whites

11am: Post Breakfast meal A bowl of cottage cheese An Orange and an Apple

2 pm: Lunch Chapati Legumes(chickpea/tofu/soybean/black bean) Chicken/fish Cucumber tomato salad

4:30 pm: Post Lunch Snack A bowl of low fat greek yoghurt An apple 10 egg whites

7pm: Evening Snack Fruit Salad(Pineapple,papaya, pomegranate only No Banana & Mango)

9:30 pm  Protein Shake(Just after the gym) 10pm: Dinner Chapati Green vegetables(spinach,beans etc) Protein(10 egg whites) A cucumber

12am: Midnight Snack 2 Oranges

Few reminders:

  1. Don’t skip meals
  2. Don’t starve for more than 3 hours
  3. Use extra virgin olive oil for cooking
  4. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day
  5. Have dinner at least 90 minutes before sleeping.
  6. Avoid all forms of Sugar,Fast digesting carbs, oil and alcohol.
  7. Drink at least 1.5 gallons of water daily.
  8. 8.Have a cheat meal every 2 weeks to stay motivated .

PS: Discipline is the key to a better you.

About the Author: Anshul Augnivansh is an MIT Manipal alumnus, class of 2015. He hails from Patna, Bihar. He’s been a sportsman all his life. He’s played professional cricket since 2003.and captained the MIT Manipal cricket team. He also represented Manipal University in the South Zone Inter University tournaments and is currently preparing for MuscleMania 2015.

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