A Letter to the Extroverts from the Introverts

Dear Extrovert,

Both of us have coexisted in this world for a very long time but do we really have a good understanding of each other? The society thinks being talkative and very social makes you smart and successful in life. It is true to an extent but it doesn’t mean people like us are dumb and anti-social just because we don’t talk much. We can also achieve things and enjoy life just like you do but in a different way.

introvert who i am

First of all the one thing that most of us keep hearing and are tired of is “Why are you so quiet?“. Unlike you, we don’t interest ourselves in small talk since we are not good at it. We may be quiet not because we are moody or rude but we may be lost in our own world or have nothing to say ( maybe just a monkey clapping inside the head). But we love to have deep discussions on anything that interests us or have a passion for.

When we have nothing to say
When we have nothing to say

As extroverts, you love talking and socializing, and you gain energy from the loud and happening environment around you, without which you feel dull and bored. On the other hand, we feel drained after a lot of talking and socialising and need time to recharge. We love to spend some time on our own, doing what we like, maybe read a book, listen to music, watch TV, do some writing or play an instrument. This gets us recharged to face the outside world again.introvert sheldon

We are known to be day dreamers and night thinkers. If you see us smiling for no reason, it’s because of the many things that happen inside our head. If you ever got a glimpse of what is there in our imaginary land, you would never want to leave that place. It’s as crazy and wild as any extravagant Bollywood or Hollywood movie ( living like Tony Stark in my head). Tony stark

We introverts like to have our personal space and feel endangered if anyone tries to cross that line without being invited into that space. Only a very few people are let inside that space once we know those people very well and are very comfortable with them. Rest of them, we prefer you be our good friends and stay just outside the circle. We believe in having few strong and deep relationships than gaining many acquaintances. We are very loyal friends.

When someone tries to invade our personal space
When someone tries to invade into our personal space

We are good listeners too. You may think we are not listening but we are paying attention to what you say. But if it’s totally not worth listening, we start to deflect it.

We are the doers, not the talkers. When we work, we are very much focused on it. We don’t speak much then nor do we pay attention to what happens around us while we work. That’s how we get things done and trying to break our silence then will disrupt the work.

While at Work
While at Work

We sometimes wish we could be like you and try too hard at it too. But it doesn’t work always. Humans are such diverse beings and being able to understand and respect each other makes this world go around. So here’s wishing to better understanding and respect in the future.

Yours sincerely,

The Introverts

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