A Beautiful Mind …

Receding Memories - Thoughts on a Beautiful Mind

I’ve spent most of my life near a city
Grew wild like the meadows of spring
Ther’es things I’ve learned to beware of
Unlike birds, the people won’t sing

Receding Memories - Thoughts on a Beautiful Mind

I’ve crawled through the gutters at nightime
Like the worms making paths through the earth
I’ve brothers and sisters who Love me
Like God, to the earth, giving birth

There’s been times when I’ve found my life empty
Like the river that’s stagnant & dry
And to help were those who have been there
The others just as soon see me die

But you know, it all has been worth it
Like the rains cause the earth to grow
You can listen to others suggestions
But all in all, it’s better to know

Now I can sit with my families
Like the creatures of the forests beyond
And instead of a screaming departure
I know that l’Il never be gone

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