6 Ways to Win Against Depression by Madhurima Sappatti

Depression… something that almost everyone has gone through at some point in their life. Maybe you are going through some financial problems? Or you are not satisfied with your results?? Or maybe you have personal family problems? Or heartbreak??

It can be anything, really… and the methods to win against them are really wide, some good and some bad. Listed below are a few ways you can let that negative emotion out of your body.

  1. DANCE IT OUT!!! – Funny DanceYo, I’m not kidding, really. If you are afraid to dance in front of people, go into one room, ask your family members not to disturb you for an hour or so, then blast on some rock music and dance it out. Imagine that you are letting go of all your problems as you dance. I guarantee you that it has helped a lot of people in a couple of minutes. After you have danced your heart out, go freshen up and then sit down at some quite place and think. Think about your problems and some rational solutions to your problem. Since you have let go of your depression and worries by dancing, you will find it far easier now to think up some solutions, without getting depressed. If you feel that depression coming back, all you have to do is blast on that music and dance it out!!
  2. SING SOME ROCK SONGS- SingignDon’t worry about your voice. Just pick up a newspaper roll, start the music, think you are in a rock concert and sing. Sing as loudly as you can. But mind you, don’t start singing depressing songs, because they end up depressing you more than before. Just sing it out!! If you want you can dance too… let it go…. No one’s there to watch you… just let the depression go. It also helps you to let go of your insecurities about yourself. Now that you are a bit clearer … go kill that problem!!
  3. WRITE IT ALL OUT –WritingSomeone scolded you, or said mean things to you? Or are you in the mood of self-hating now? Stop. Stop before these lead you to dangerous decisions. Take out a few pages, and write everything out on it. Curse all you want at yourself or any other person. Write down all that you want to. Even about yourself. Write down all the negative stuff you want to write. Done?? Now there are two options, both equally helpful…
    • Take that paper and DESTROY it… burn it, shred it, flush it down the toilet, throw it away… anything, it doesn’t matter. As the remains of the paper move away from you, let all that was written in it to go away from you too. You will realize that your anger at everyone and yourself has faded too. You should now forget everything that you wrote. You are now a new person, with new ideals and new confidence. If you now sit down and think about your problem, you can find easier solutions to it.
    • Take that paper and keep it safely somewhere… now forget everything written inside it. Start your life with new confidence. You may ask why keep the pages and not throw them away?? Well for one, the next time you are angry at yourself you can save time by writing all those accusations about yourself and just read those papers again. And another good thing out of it is that, after you have read that paper, you can always think about what you achieved after writing that paper. Thinking back at your previous achievements, you will feel a new surge of energy going through you. Now with a new confidence about yourself, because you know that you can do it, start your work.
  4. GIVE YOURSELF THE PEP TALK- You-give-yourself-little-pep-talk-mirror-before-sitting-down-talkStand in front of your mirror and look at yourself. Just look and don’t think about anything. Now slowly smile. A gentle smile. Widen it…start grinning…and think what exactly you have made of yourself. Now think that the person in the mirror is not you but your best friend. It’s always easier to help friends then yourself. Talk about your problems and start giving the person in the mirror solutions. You will find that the solutions you gave the person in the mirror had come very easily to you. Why? Because, when you think that you are going through some problem it’s harder to think up solutions. But if you are helping a friend, you get the feeling that the person trusted you enough to share their problem with you and you are able to come up with the solutions quicker. After you have given the person in the mirror the solutions, try raising its confidence in itself. Tell the person about its good qualities and how helpful and kind that person is. After you are done with your session with yourself, you now not only have the solutions but also have new confidence in yourself.
  5. TALK TO PEOPLE- Cas'_people_skillsIt can be anyone, your elder sibling, your parents, grandparents, anyone in your relation, even your best friends. Go to someone who you know wont judge you and will help you out. Tell them all your problems and then… they will help you. They will give you solutions to your problems, help you with your low self-confidence and help you back up on your feet. They will cheer you up and make you feel happy about the good things in your life, help you make your life goals clearer…
  6. Go to a doctor- doctorkeep this as your last option. If any of the above mentioned ways don’t help you, or if you feel like you can’t take it anymore, visit a psychiatric. Visiting a psychiatric doesn’t mean that you are mad, or have a mental illness… it’s just is another way you can come out of depression. After you have spoken to a psychiatric they prescribe you anti- depressants, which can help you out while you are worried. Just remember not to get addicted to the anti- depressants as they may have harmful effects on you on prolonged use. Also the psychiatric will be able to help you out with your problems by suggesting few solutions to them.

Last but not the least, always remember that every problem has a solution. It may not appear easily to you. But once you have crossed the hurdles, you will be able to reach the goal. All the best…. Be happy stay happy… 😀


About the Author: Madhurima Sappatti is a student at the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), Manipal.

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