6 Tips to Reduce Stress and your To-Do list


When work, school, and family commitments make life crazy, sometimes it seems the best way to get things done is to do them yourself. But whether it’s completing a sales report or getting dinner on the table, any task can become easier when you enlist the help of others. Delegating tasks can be a lifesaver for busy moms, who tend to do a lot themselves rather than share some of the load. Not only does it help reduce stress and your to-do list, delegating also helps those around you, whether they’re kids or coworkers, develop new skills. Following these steps will help you successfully delegate any task and get the outcome you desire.

1. Delegate tasks you know best. You might think it’s easier to take on the jobs you know and like, but it’s hard to supervise a project if you don’t understand it well and can’t clearly define the result you need. Passing on the responsibilities of a task you fully understand will make you a better “boss” with the ability to objectively manage others.how to destress yourself e1401544860811

2. Choose the right candidate. It’s vital to make sure your child, husband, or coworker has the necessary skills and interests to complete a task as expected. A willing team player who’s enthusiastic will be more open to sharing credit on a job well done.

3. Define your expectations. To get the end result you desire, clearly define your expected outcome. Different people have different ways of doing things, so outline what you want to get accomplished, not how it needs to be done.

4. Follow up. Don’t hover over your help, but don’t leave them hanging, either. Check in to see how things are going and let people know you’re available if they have questions or concerns.

5. Give a specific deadline. Specify the hour or day the work needs to be completed. “Next week” may mean Monday morning to you, but Friday afternoon to someone else.

6. Give positive feedback. Give credit and be generous with compliments after the project is completed. Positive reinforcement will encourage more effort in the next task that comes along.

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