6 Steps on How To Be A Good Girlfriend

Standing by your man doesn’t mean trotting behind him or dragging him around on a leash. A little respect for him, and for you, will go a long way.

Step 1 Make your life happy

Make your life happy and fulfilling without him. Contrary to popular belief, men want women who are fun and fascinating even more than they want a pretty face.

Tip – Don’t pretend to be unavailable—be unavailable. Staying busy makes you seem more valuable—and gives you plenty to talk about!

Step 2 Limit the talks
Limit the “we need to talk” talks. Most men despise having to analyse the relationship.

Step 3 Embrace his friends
Get to know his friends. Keep your criticism of them to yourself, and don’t complain when he wants to spend time
with them.

Step 4 Tailor your compliments
Tailor your compliments. Research shows men would rather be praised for a special quality of theirs, like having a
great sense of humour, than being told they look good.

Step 5 Be adventurous
Be adventurous. Scientists have found that the parts of the brain that are activated when we first fall in love are restimulated by adventure and novelty.

Tip – Adventure can be as bold as skydiving or as ordinary as taking a photography course — the key is doing something fun and new together.

Step 6 Practice bathroom etiquette
Practice good bathroom etiquette. One survey found that men’s top pet peeves are women’s hair all over the bathroom,
mirrors coated with hairspray, and women who try to talk to them while they’re using the toilet.


  1. sachin….bro…. hav u tried d same with ur father….?? this s a public forum guys….cmon !!! n hav
    a bit of respect 4 seniors man!!!

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