6 iPhone Apps for OB/Gyn & Pediatric Health

  1.   iPregnant: This tool allows you to calculate your term, due date, weeks pregnant, days remaining and even your baby’s astrological sign.
  2.    The Wheel: The wheel is a gestational age calculator you can use to determine a baby’s due date and the baby’s gestational age anytime during pregnancy.
  3.   Ovulation Calendar: Those trying to get pregnant can keep track of their most fertile times with this app to increase their chances of conception.
  4. Bio Dictionary: This dictionary can be a quick and easy way to look things up and stay on top of any health issue.
  5. Plusmo: Users can find loads of health related widgets they can put on their iPhones or PDAs.
  6. Trixie Tracker: New parents can use this tool to keep track of their baby’s habits for sleeping and feeding.

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