6 Atypical Word Games You Can Play on the Go

Do you love word games but you’ve already grown tired of the same old crossword, Scrabble, anagram, and word search types? You might be interested in trying the unique word games we are featuring here.

These games infuse traditional word game elements but have been made more interesting by some modifications, enhancements, and interesting concepts.

1. Scribblenauts            

Scribblenauts is an outstandingly exciting game that involves a lot of typing as you need to write words or phrases to summon items into the game to help you solve challenges. It is arguably the best game ever when it comes to (partly) word-based puzzle games, based in innovativeness and creativity. Scribblenauts provides extensive possibilities within the game. You can try various word combinations to create interesting things you can use to beat opponents or deal with challenges. You can come up with a “giant winged car” for example or a robotic buffalo to attack obstacles.scribblenauts

2. Word4Word

This is a simple but highly addictive game designed for multiplayer gaming. Two players are required to initiate a game. Players will choose their respective words that their opponents will try to guess. Word4Word features game assistance tools that will try to facilitate the analysis of what the opponent’s word is. Players can also make use of the in-game chat function to try to taunt or use other methods (through chat) to learn about the opponent’s word. Moreover, the game supports the playing of up to 5 simultaneous games.

3. Wordstone

If you are fond of Scrabble but you want a new twist to it besides a different board theme, Wordstone is the game for you. Wordstone can be described as the cross between Scrabble and Tetris. It is a distinctive word game wherein a player must take, swap, and position tiles on the board to create valid words before the grid crashes down. It has a slightly faster pace than most traditional word and board games. You will likely enjoy the pressure and thrill as you think of words to form to avoid getting crushed.

4. Moxie

Moxie is a word forming game with quite an interesting twist. It incorporates the elements of solitaire (card game), word finding, and strategy games. The game starts with 52 letters through which you will have to create unique words, transform the words you created into other words with the addition or replacement of letters, and spell “Moxie words” to earn bonus points.

The game is very easy to play. There are no time constraints. It can help improve strategic thinking as players need to anticipate the next words that can be formed given the letters available on hand. Additionally, Moxie has an “ergonomic” design, making it easy for fingers of different sizes to click and drag the letter tiles.

5. Say the Same Thing

Designed for multiplayer gaming, Say the Same Thing is a game wherein the goal is for both players to say the same thing. The players will be asked to enter their respective random words. They will then be required to  give out words related to their random words until they come up with the same word at the same round. This is a great game to play with friends. It also features a messaging function.

6. Clash of the Letters

A very exciting game meant for multiple players, Clash of the Letters requires players to train in strategizing. The goal of this turn-based game is to accumulate the most number of letters. To do this, players need to form words out of the available letters on their deck and protect certain letters to prevent an opponent from creating more words.

This is one addictive game although you can’t enjoy it in your solitude as you need someone to play it with. The game mechanics may take some time getting used to but they are quite easy to understand and learn. Also, this is a new game so there could be glitches to encounter or functions to try figuring out. Replacing the background color, for example, could be quite a chore. Nevertheless, this game is definitely an enjoyable one with a great concept and an exciting gameplay.

Try these unique word games and experience a new way of playing and enjoying letters and words. They are free to play with only some requiring paid upgrades.

About the author: Chucky I. loves video games especially those that involve words or some typing. Are you looking for THE BEST in word games? Then he’s definitely your guy!

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