5+ Student Inventions That Will Inspire You to Become an Engineer

There is so much you can learn and create as an engineering student. You can create capstones and inventions if you do it for the right reasons. An engineering degree is not only for having a chip on your shoulders, but instead you can change the world with the knowledge you gain. There are many inspirational stories about students who took their knowledge to do just that, through the inventions they created. If your goal is to be more than just the average student, you will find much inspiration through the stories of these inventions.

  1. Smartcane – Rohal Paul, India

I am sure when Rohal was searching for capstone project ideas for information technology; he did not realize that he would invent something this amazing. A normal cane for the blond can detect objects that are on the ground. This is usually done by swinging the cane from side to side and feeling what is in front of the person walking. What about those objects that are not on the ground? This is where the smartcane comes in. This device detects objects above knee height, upwards of 3 metres. It is such a ground-breaking invention.

  1. Polarizing Lenses – Edwin Land, USA

We are so used to 3-D glassed and polarized sunglasses that we sometimes fail to realize that these are inventions as well. Harvard University gave Edwin Land a lab to continue his research on the polarized lenses. Without his inventions, we would not have 3D glasses and polarized sunglasses. We also would not have cameras and headlights, which was also part of his research and inventions. You can definitely chance the world when you have an engineering background.

  1. Robotic Desk Lamp – Nathan Linder, USA

A conventional desk lamp is not exactly something to get excited about, but what if you could own a robotic desk lamp that provides more than just great lighting. Let’s say, you are working on some computer science capstone ideas. This lamp will detect what you are doing by focusing on your work through the installed webcam. It will then come up with information based on what you are doing and display this information, being content, videos, images, etc.

  1. Google News – Krishna Bharat, India

Who know that the famous Google news was an invention by an engineering student? Krishna Bharat came up with this idea because he wanted to keep himself updated with the aftermath of September 11. These days, it is part of some of the trending news hubs on the net. To become a popular feature by Google takes a lot of hard work or sometimes just logical thinking.

  1. SAFER – Students from Delhi, India

Women are often vulnerable targets and can find themselves in dangerous situations. Luckily a bunch of students from Delhi saw the need for a device to help women protect themselves. This is a smartphone app that is linked to a jewelry piece that will alert your loved ones if you are stuck in a dangerous situation. By tapping the button of the jewelry twice, an alert will be sent. You can also use this in the event when you are lost, because the signal will locate where you are.

You can become the next inventor

There is so much you can learn as an engineering student that can shape the future. It is exciting to see students come up with inventions that have helped our generation and we hope that there will be more to come. If your goal is to make an impact in this world, an engineering degree can help you with that. Nothing is impossible and you can be on a list for amazing student inventions in the future. These are normal people, who used their own situations to come up with ideas that helped a lot of others. All you need is commitment and determination. You can do this!

Written by: Linda Jellison works as a content manager. Her hobby is traveling, reading and guest post writing. She was a top student and now she shares her experience with other students. Linda dreams of publishing her own book and running her own blog.

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