5 Shirt Styles for Women to Wear

Fashion Clothing Textile Green Blouse Buttons

Knowing your fashion basics is key to choosing the right outfits. If you know what sort of styles are available to you, you can make better choices. Find the things that suit you and the things that you like by learning what’s what. Everyone wears tops of different styles, and there’s fantastic for mixing and matching with different bottoms. Whether you like to pair them with pants, skirts, shorts or something in between, you have lots of options for stylish tops.


Camisoles are simple, strappy tops that are really comfortable to sleep in or wear at home. But they’re also a great option for wearing out and were particularly popular in the ’90s. Since everything ’90s is starting to come back in fashion, you’re sure to see a lot more of them. Spaghetti strap tops and tank tops offer two similar options, which are perfect if you want something sleeveless in the summer.

Fashion Clothing Textile Green Blouse Buttons
Fashion Clothing Textile Green Blouse Buttons




A blouse is an ideal choice for work, especially if you’re an office worker. They’re smart and easy to dress up. Blouse usually refers to button-down shirts, although it’s also used in relation to floaty tops, perhaps with some frilly embellishments. A button-down blouse can sometimes be difficult to pull off if you’re busty, but there are ways to find the right fit. As an alternative to a blouse, there’s also button-down shirts, which tend to have a bit more room and be slightly more casual.


The humble T-shirt might seem simple, but it comes in so many styles. Slightly different sleeve lengths, different necklines, tight and loose fits, varying materials and designs give you plenty of options. Maybe you like the simple but eye-catching Wrangler shirts, with the brand logo prominently on the front. Graphic tees are excellent for showing off something that you love or making a statement about something you believe in – or just making a joke. Go for an oversized shirt, a V-neck or any style that you like.


Tunic tops give you a long-line option that’s a litter looser than some styles and sometimes floaty too. They usually come to below the hips, and the hemline is sometimes as long as the knees. Because they cover up your butt, they’re ideal for wearing with leggings or close-fitting pants. They give you a bit more coverage, and they can offer a comfortable option to wear too. Tunics make great cover-ups on the beach too, giving you something that you can just throw on whenever you want to.


Another trend that’s reappearing from the ’90s is the crop-top. It has been growing ever more popular over the last few years. It’s not for everyone, but it’s completely down to personal preference whether you want to wear one or not. If you feel comfortable, go for it. These shorter tops can look really cute with high-waisted pants, a flowing maxi skirt or a pair of shorts for a more athletic look.

Choose your shirt style carefully when you put your outfits together. You have some diverse options to help you find the right style.

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