The Best Places To Go This Summer With Your New Maxi Dress Packed

Do you ever buy a new outfit with nowhere to go? If so, you’re like most of us. You get yourself to pull the trigger on something that’s been eyeing you down since the moment you walked into the store and then it hangs in your closet for the next couple months with the tags on and everything. If there’s one outfit that this shouldn’t happen with, it’s the classic black maxi dress. Once you go for that maxi dress, you should have absolutely no regrets.

Black maxi dresses are a staple in a woman’s closet. If you have one, you’re prepared for nearly any event. Putting your hair up in a ponytail or bun makes the dress more casual, like something you could wear walking back from the beach. A fancier up-do or some curls paired with a set of dangling earrings however can turn your beach cover-up into a 5-star restaurant-type outfit. No matter what, if you have a black maxi dress, you have somewhere to go this summer.

New Orleans

Summers are for the outdoors, good company, drinks, food, and the weather. If you want to get a little bit off all of that, visit New Orleans with your black maxi dress packed. New Orleans is one of the top drinking neighborhoods in the country, but while it has a ton on the partying side of things, you can calm it down with a night of jazz and culture filled foods. With a million sites to see and things to do, New Orleans is a great place to have some fun and wear that brand new dress of yours.


If you’re not a country music fan, this might not be the destination for you. If you do enjoy some Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan, and even the older guys, this could be the trip of your life. No matter if you’re sitting lawn seats at a concert or dancing up on the bar in the middle of the day, a black maxi dress is a right choice. You can check out these fun things that you should do in Nashville, Tennessee.

Disney World

Disney World truly is the happiest place on Earth, and if you don’t think so, you haven’t vacationed right. It’s not exactly a vacation but more of a thing-you-have-to-do-before-you-die. You definitely won’t be relaxing when you’re sprinting to make your fast pass time for the new Toy Story ride. Even so, there are some wildly relaxing resorts on the property where you can walk the beach line and sit down for a romantic dinner on the water. This is the ideal time to whip out that black maxi dress you’re happy you bought.

Bar Crawl in Philly

Philly fans might be crazy, but they do have some of the best bars in the world. They’re filled with culture and history, making it an awesome city to drink through and explore. Bar crawls are better when you’re dressed comfortably, but cute. Again, a perfect time for that black maxi dress you knew you loved when you first bought. You can even carry around a jean jacket if your crawl goes into the night, which it probably will.

New York City/Hoboken

Similar to Philly, but a lot brighter. If you’ve never been to New York City or even Hoboken, now is the time. New York could take you a long weekend to explore if you’re not a local and Hoboken is great for a night out on the town (or even the water front). In this area you’ll find restaurant row, Broadway, Time Square, central park, and a ton of other tourist-type things you have to do at least once in your life. Amazingly, that black maxi dress is the perfect outfit for any of the above situations.

You can never say you have nowhere to wear that black maxi dress again. Being the perfect outfit for just about any occasion, you can travel from coast to coast with just one dress (don’t do that). Instead of buying things with nowhere to wear them, buy them and then plan a trip.


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