5 Questions with Siri Iris: Person of the day


1. What does the world need to know about you?

Um naut praud laik ah luk!..um prayeful ahs i divvint luk 🙂 ..ah thro atityuud ahs i divvint! :-! .. well..ah jus wurk,……laik wot ah do..,an um glaad ah get enuff tuh keyp mah daee govin.. 🙂 🙂5 questions with siri iris: person of the day 1

2. What do you think of Manipal and ManipalBlog?

persunallie..if Manipal is tha furst best thin that has happund tuh mee, manipalblog is tha icing on tha kaik.. 🙂 )

3. What is life as a RJ at Radio Manipal?

laif at Radio Manipal is yet tuh bigin.. haupfulee in tha forthkamin semestur..andustaandablee it taiks..ah laut uf taim an enurgee tuh akkuumahlate resoursus an wurk on it. Wishin this projekt a huuj saksess in its endehvurs uf deluvurin kwalutee info-tainment in tha form uf a BEATING RYTHM! 🙂

4. 5 things only you can do?

1.beeein tha dauter to mah parennntzzz…
2.doooin mah signichaaa..
3.voila! lauggin intuh mah Facebook akount! An in tha fewcha..
4.beeein a waif tuh mah husbinn..
5.an beeein a mom tuh mah kidzzz.. 🙂 😛

5. What do you want to know about the future?

waell… it ud bee awwwsumm, buh NO WAYYY!!
if it wuz baad…ah wudunt want it tuh bekum ah self-fulfillin prophecy.. an if it woz gud,nooin ud taik awll tha fun out uf laif.:-| besidz,sumthinz ar bettuh left ahz misturees…aint they… 😉

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