5 Questions with Sai Chetan: Person of the Day

Manipal has given me friends that last forever. - Sai Chetan

1. What does the world need to know about Sai Chetan?

A regular MITian. Eat.. sleep…friends….laptop has been my regular timetable. Extremely lazy. I did not unpack my suitcase for one whole semester..it was my cupboard! I am spontaneous and don’t plan much. But when I plan I make sure I execute it perfectly! my attendance is a proof. Though I reach the 80% mark in the first month itself, I maintain 75 at the end! aand..I Love designing in Photoshop..I experiment a lot n can spend days together and still not get bored of it!

Sai Chetan
Manipal has given me friends that last forever. – Sai Chetan

2. What does Manipal and ManipalBlog mean to you?

Somehow I enjoy lame jokes! And Manipal blog is getting better at it day by day. Faking Manipal  is awesome too! With the student articles on MB, updates on the developments in Manipal, I’ll still be a Manipalite even after graduating! Talking of developments. I’m gonna miss KFC for sure!!

Manipal means a lot not just to me in fact for everyone here! Thousands of kilometers from home (aah freedom!), greenery everywhere, lovely beaches, beautiful hill stations, and the rains! An amazing town with a pure metropolitan culture. Manipal has given me friends that last forever. It is a dream..that I am afraid to say..i once lived  🙁  happy that I made most of it though! Like people say, its not days but moments that we remember and I sure have plenty of them!  😀

3. Which is your favourite Manipal Cliche?

Mighty Mighty yeMITTT!!

4. Life as a post graduate in MIT Manipal is …

Well technically I still didn’t graduate. Manipal will be missed (not MIT). Life’s gonna be hectic. Fun times are over definitely :’(

5. 5 Things that have affected you deeply in Manipal are

Laziness..booze…friends….laptop ..cricket

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