5 Questions with Nikita Nair: Person of the Day

Manipal, is a pool of opportunities if utilized properly.

1. Nikita Nair can be defined as . . .

As a hyperactive soul, who wouldn’t stop even if she knows it would get her into deep shit..

2. Describe the life you live in Manipal.

Manipal has given me a ‘small town girl’ life (by that I mean, I have grown more street smart, bold, confident, focused and a pool of opportunities to know the world better living in such a small place like this which I doubt I would have elsewhere). The life here has given me to experience contrasting emotions within a single situation like; happiness plus sorrow (when we graduate out successfully and all geared to face the competitive world gives us immense pleasure but at the same time the agony to part away from a place which has only given us things to learn, so much freedom and most importantly friends for life) similarly anxiety with relaxation (you know the night before exam that no matter what, it’s too late for everything now but a sadistic happiness that you are not the only one in the boat..) etc…

5 Questions with Nikita Nair: Person of the Day 1
Manipal, is a pool of opportunities if used properly.

3. If there was something you would change about ManipalBlog . . .

Umm…Nothing really. I think it’s just perfect! It is well updated and never feels monotonous to go through. It keeps us aware of the current happenings and helps the fresher gather a gist of the place too!

4. An engineer working at a Hospital, how is the experience?

It is definitely a unique experience which no other branch of Engineering could have had. It had its own advantages and disadvantages, the former outweighing the latter by a large margin though. Being an Engineering student, working in a hospital gives us a clear picture about how a hospital functions (in management terms) and how well it can do. Hospital gives us (Engineering students) a platform to meet the patients directly and understand their problem in a better way to work to cater to them better in terms of developing new technologies. Moreover, it is the only place where Biomedical Engineers would get a direct idea about what the people want and what they need to work on. Thus, hospital is a place where both your technical and managerial skills get sharpened together However, since our course does not teach us to constantly have a look at the sufferings of the public unlike the doctors, it might get a little difficult to face such issues.

5. Achievements you are proud of and Goals you want to reach.

Manipal, as I said earlier is a pool of opportunities if used properly. Dancing has always been my passion and always wanted to be known for it. The place gave me several occasions to perform but I was initially very reluctant. I started of performing in the department cultural activities first (which helped me build my confidence immensely) in a group. Then I began to perform in a group for the VSO charity event, ‘SPARSH’ every year. Until, last REVELS that I decided to give a solo performance. Though, it did not get me as a winner in the competition, I did get a chance to do what I wanted to. This counted as a great achievement for me because I got rid of the stage fear which always haunted me before this. Even academically I am satisfied with whatever I have achieved and in future I aim to work in the management field by doing MBA from a good Indian Institute after working for a couple of years, earn good money and live a good and healthy life.

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