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I Came Here With No Goals, Just Having Four Years To Pass And Go Home Do My Family Business, But Manipal Wasn’T Like Any Other Place, It Gave Me A Platform Where I Can Learn And I Can Grow.

1. Harsh Jain will be famous because .. .

Because I know there is more than money in life to earn. Money will always make us rich but earning it through a way that touches people makes you different. I believe in doing something that causes a revolution that benefits people and not only me, and then people see you as an idol and not as another business person.

2. What does Manipal and ManipalBlog mean to you?

It looks like, you ask an engineer what does vacations mean  to you… Manipal means to me what u can’t define in words. Still trying I’d like to say Manipal has given me a life to live. I came here with no goals, just having four years to pass and go home do my family business, but Manipal wasn’t like any other place, it gave me a platform where I can learn and I can grow. After wasting 1.5 year watching all the TV series, which is one of the most common hobby of people in Manipal, I still remember the day I went to Kanishka asking him to teach me Photoshop. As I was always fond of photography, and from that day on there was no comeback.

I do remember the days when I sat there in room 4251 for hours fighting the deadline for Insights launch. And the feeling it gave to see the Insight rising. And again I remember the day when preparing for sessional we get an idea and I see that idea turning to reality in shape of apnafeelings.com. And there are tons of those everlasting memories. And I honestly thinks if it would have not been Manipal, I‘d have been the same guy as I was on the first day to college. Manipal is what gave me a life and I have no clue that how much I’m gonna miss this place after college.

ManipalBlog is the perfect platform one can reach to know all about Manipal(from its worst to its best). It is one place which tells me where my world is heading, feeding me with every bit about Manipal.

3. What are 5 things that you want to do?

  1. Doing something that makes a difference in how we live.
  2. An interview with Gates.
  3. If I can, want to know how did Hitler did all that he did (his secret).
  4. Driving my BMW and a Rolex watch on wrist.
  5. And yeah 1 night on terrace of MIT hostel (still searching a way).

4. Five people you’ve been inspired by are…

  1. My Father.
  2. My Cousin Brother.
  3. Adolf Hitler.
  4. Bill Gates.
  5. Hank Moody (though not real but really awesome character from Californication).

5.Living alone or Living with family… which is better?

That’s a question I can’t answer properly, u may say as I always wanted to study in a boarding school, and in fact I did after pressuring my parents a bit. And I think that was never a bad idea. But after college what I want is to live with my family as where I feel there is someone who looks after me and make me realize I have some responsibilities life.

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