5 Questions with Dr. Sweta Kakaraparthi: Person of the Day

She Runs Cross Country, Food enthusiast and daydreamer - Meet Dr. Sweta Kakaraparthi
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1. So, what’s interesting about you?

I am a reader of classic literature, sightseer, painter, and food enthusiast. I watch medical dramas, create films on Windows Movie Maker, check horoscopes, run cross-country, and play throwball. I love listening to music and bursting into song and dance.

2. What does Manipal/ManipalBlog mean for you?

I am proud of having Manipal as my alma mater. Manipal has opened doors to me and allowed me to achieve my aspiration of becoming a physician. The excellent teaching, standard of patient care, and gamut of cases has provided an environment that has fostered my clinical skills, team work, and professionalism. I owe it all to Manipal.

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She Runs Cross Country, Food enthusiast and daydreams – Meet Dr. Sweta Kakaraparthi

3. 5 Things only you can do are?

  1. Sing Rihanna songs
  2. Watch cooking shows for hours (despite never actually cooking)
  3. Answer ALMOST all the questions on Jeopardy
  4. Daydream spontaneously
  5. Run cross-country

4. Manipal Vs Michigan. What’s the difference?

One layer of clothing at Manipal – ten in Michigan.

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5. Physician by choice or ….. ?

Definitely, 100% physician by choice. No regrets!

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