5 Proven Strategies To Keep Visitors On Your Website

keep visitors on your website
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Once a visitor ends up on your website, not all of them read the complete page. They usually look at one or two paragraphs to tell them what they need. Many users scan websites to see if there is anything worth reading while others visit pages to find information, they are after. Creating quality crafted content is incredibly beneficial to keep visitors on your website, but it is not the only thing that optimizes readability.

Making Lists

Both search engines and readers alike adore lists. You will often notice snippets of lists appear on the first page in search engines. Lists can be bulleted or numbered and help readers to promptly seize the content you are presenting in terms of First to last or the best to worst. The bulleted text allows a reader to see a summarized piece, with an option to read further. The most essential features in terms of readability are:

  • Using large fonts
  • Enough spacing
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Headers
  • Graphs

Including Charts And Graphs

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To emphasize the most essential statistics offered in your content, generate a line or bar graph or a pie chart. Charts and graphs are vital when you are comparing items conceptually or according to time frames. You can use color to emphasize them. Remember to claim yourself as being the source, so that when other websites use it, you will receive a valuable backlink.


It helps to break the content down into a table to help users understand multi-faceted information with a quick glance. A table can be challenging on mobile devices, so you might have to adapt them. Either use fewer columns for the entire table to be displayed in responsive mode or select horizontal scrolling of your table content.

Ensure Your Site Is Mobile Compatible

More and more individuals visit websites from their mobile devices. You can speak with the guys at Instinct Marketing who specialize in website building to help you with making it mobile compatible. A responsive website will automatically locate the screen size the site is viewed on and adjust the page styling accordingly.

Sections help to Keep Visitors on your Website

When you are building a blog post or page that contains a large volume of information about a specific topic, you must divide the information into sections, using headers, and spacing. This makes your post or website easy to scan. If you are not breaking it up in sections, your content will get lost and you will lose visitors. Headers have been an essential on-page SEO factor for ranking in organic searches since the start.

They make it clear to readers and engine crawlers what your content is about. By using headers properly, you can make your website more digestible and straightforward to read, irrespective of the volume of content. Not using headers or using them incorrectly might lead to higher bounce rates. Avoid content that is reading too informational. You want content sections that are similar to gossip magazines that attract visitors and keep them on your site.


We hope that these tips have been helpful to you and will help you keep visitors on your website. Make sure you follow them, and you will soon see a boost in your website analytics.

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