5 Positive Things About Manipal

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Keeping in mind that you’re probably a prospective to Manipal and reading this after having paid the first year’s fees, and are by now going “Oh shit oh shit oh shit”, here are a few good things about Manipal I can think of so that you don’t feel like it’s all gone horribly wrong-

1.Food is cheap.

Despite what I may seem to have suggested earlier, there is actually a wide number of cuisines available here in many of the restaurants, which are more or less favourable on the student pocket.

And if nothing else works, bananas are really cheap. As are coconuts.Manipal 2020

2.Institutes are well-reputed.

Most of the colleges under MU are actually fairly highly rated in their respective disciplines. And among colleges of a similar standing, we actually have a pretty good lifestyle going here as compared to others in the Deccan region.

3.Crowd is chilled out.

For the most part, the students themselves aren’t such a bad lot. To be sure, they are less of the cutthroat competitive kind and more of the simple, happy variety, but that makes them a pleasant bunch. Yeah, there are some pretty messed up people too, but then there are some pretty awesomely cool and smart ones, so it all evens out

4.Sex ratio is quite good!

For technical colleges in India, the painfully skewed sex ratio in favour of males leads to widespread depression, anxiety and conversion to communism. But here it’s actually not that bad…there are a surprisingly large number of girls in all the institutes, which if you come down to it, is really awesome.

5.Cultural clubs/events are awesome.

There is a fantastic growing sensibility with all things cultural, from all the diverse places that students come from. Of particular note is the music scene, especially rock music, which is rapidly making Manipal one of the most happening places for upcoming artists in the entire region.

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