5 Benefits of Using an Air Pollution App

air pollution app

Solutions such as a pollution tracking app have been gaining increasing popularity in recent years. Apart from keeping you in the know, you can use them to protect your health by making informed decisions. What exactly is an air pollution app and why it’s worth downloading one? Keep reading!

What is a pollution tracking app?

As the name itself suggests, an air pollution app is an application you can use to monitor and track key air quality parameters in a selected area. It informs you about the concentration of air pollutants, smog, and harmful substances such as SO2, CO, O3, or NO2.

With the use of a pollution tracking app, you can conveniently analyze the air quality in your neighborhood with just a few clicks. To fully benefit from this solution, you simply need to download the app and enable your location settings. body of water under cloudy sky during sunset

5 reasons why it’s worth using an air pollution apps

There are a few reasons why it’s worth having an air pollution app on your phone. The most important ones include:

  • Avoiding areas with a high level of air pollution – if you check air pollution in your city on a regular basis, you’re able to determine whether there are particularly polluted districts. In this case, you can make wiser decisions and e.g., go for a walk to a different place.
  • Planning your activities around times of day when air pollution is lower – there are days and seasons when the concentration of harmful substances in the air is much lower. It’s worth benefiting from that and planning your outdoor activities accordingly.
  • Tracking your personal exposure to air pollution over time – by having access to real-time data provided by an air pollution app, you can monitor your exposure to smog and pollutants.
  • Learning about air pollution and its health effects – discovering different substances and chemical compounds analyzed by a pollution tracking app may motivate you to explore the subject in detail and learn more about the impact of smog on human health.
  • Finding ways to reduce your exposure to air pollution – people tend to underestimate the problem of air pollution if they don’t see hard data. Once you have access to the information about air pollution, you may want to reduce your exposure to harmful substances which will benefit your well-being.air pollution apps

The takeaway

Air pollution is a serious problem that can have a tremendous impact on health. That’s why, it’s worth using available tools such as pollution tracking apps, that will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse, and make better decisions.

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