4 Ingredients to avoid in a moisturizer

Based on insights from experienced dermatologists, we came out with the top four harmful ingredients in a moisturizer.

Scanning the label before buying a product is common when it comes to food items. Yet,we seldom do the same when we buy a beauty product. Reading the ingredients of a beauty product is both time-consuming and difficult as you may have no idea what the ingredients mean.

Based on insights from experienced dermatologists, we came out with the top four harmful ingredients in a moisturizer.

The first ingredient to avoid in any moisturizer is Paraben. Any sort of Paraben like Methyl Paraben, Ethyl  Paraben, Butyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Isobutyl Paraben, Isopropyl Paraben are risky to use because they  cause  skin diseases and sometimes even causes breast cancer. Parabens are usually added as preservatives and to increase the volume of the product.

Mineral oil as it is derived from petroleum and does not absorb into the skin. Many times you may think that mineral oil is a nourishing ingredient but the truth is sadly quite different. Dr Janani Palanivel, Head of Dermacure skincare states that mineral oil irritates the skin and does not sit well with it.Its molecular size is simply too big. As a result, mineral oil remains on the surface of the skin, making it a reflector of the sun, which can lead to more sun damage and discolouration. It also clogs pores. 

Isopropyl Myristate and Isopropyl Palmitate if you can. It is used by companies to get a thick formula. Skin irritation may be one potential concern with isopropyl myristate, especially when used by individuals with sensitive skin, or in areas where the skin is thin (like around the eyes or the lips).Often, such irritation may be the result of isopropyl myristate’s ability to increase skin penetration by other chemicals. If these other ingredients happen to be known irritants, the deeper penetration may also cause more severe irritation.This ability to increase skin penetration can become an even bigger problem if the product formula has known carcinogens or other harmful chemicals. Therefore, when considering personal care items with isopropyl myristate, it’s vital to carefully assess other chemicals in the formula and whether the increased penetration can cause unexpected side effects.

Synthetic Fragrance is also harmful. Dr Palanivel states that the fragrance is made out of synthetic material which is why it’s toxic and irritates the skin easily. It is best to stick to natural fragrances as synthetic fragrances can cause allergies and hormonal issues.

Apart form these ingredients it is also important to watch our for other harmful ingredients based on your skin type. An ingredient harmful for dry skin may not essentially harm oily skin.

These are a list of ingredients that harm each type of skin:

 Dry skin. These ingredients make the skin more dry and cause acne.

  • Benzoyl Peroxide: Unless you have severe acne, avoid it because it dries and irritates the skin. These class of anti-acne ingredients don’t help you if you have dry skin.

Oily skin. This following ingredient causes acne.

  • Petrolatum: It tends to seals off the skin from water and air and clogs the skin’s breathability. Most petrol based products clog the skin and trap dust on the skin which is why it’s so harmful. Petroleum based products cannot be used on oily parts of the skin so if you have oily skin you should always take a non-comodegenic moisturizer which has a lighter base.

Reading the label of beauty products is a habit you must cultivate so you know what you are investing in. Many big companies still surprisingly resort to the use of cheap chemicals but this will stop once we as customers become aware of this practice. This articles intends to spread awareness among consumers and make people wary of what they use.

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