3 highest grossing low budget films of all time

Although there are several films being released all over the world in different genres only a few can remain in the mind and hearts of the audience.

Although there are several films being released all over the world in different genres only a few can remain in the mind and hearts of the audience. The film can be of any category but becomes a success only when it establishes a connection with the viewers. In the present time, movies are produced on a very high budget which enables to utilize the modern technology but there are a few movies produced on low budgets yet have created a benchmark in their times.

3 highest grossing low budget films of all time 1
Although There Are Several Films Being Released All Over The World In Different Genres Only A Few Can Remain In The Mind And Hearts Of The Audience.

Here are the three highest grossing low budget films of all time:

Rocky (1976):

This is an all-time hit. The movie was produced on a budget of $1 million, and grossed a total of $225 million. This film has epitomized the fighting spirit and has paved way to the sequels. This film came as a fresh wisp of air to the viewers who wanted to see new movie and this film gave them the opportunity, especially to the male audiences as they wanted a hero who did don’t dance but fought. “Why do you fight?” asks Adrian. “Cause I can’t sing or dance,” replies Rocky and this has led to the success of one the best pictures. Want to watch this movie? Get yourself a DVD or rent a CD of this film. This is a must watch for all the art students who want to make a career in making films. You can learn a lot in technical aspects as well as enjoy a good movie. Shortage of money can be overcome by borrowing from same day cash loans.

My big fat Greek Wedding:

This movie was a 2002 romantic comedy that connected with women all over the world. The story is about a Greek-American woman’s relationship with a non-Greek man. The clash of the civilizations between them with added humour has done the magic. The budget of the film was $6 million but has generated gross revenue of $369 million. With this whopping number this film has made its place in the all-time hits.

Night of the Living Dead (1968):

Considered as the true classic in the horror genre, the movie has been analyzed based on the then cold war and as a warning about the horrors of the disease. This movie has gross revenue of £30 million. It was ground-breaking in its horrifying content released upon the audience who weren’t used to this kind of cinema on their movie screens. With a budget of $114,000 the film has gained over 13,000% as returns has created a benchmark in its genre and has become an idol cinema.

These are the films which broke several records and have stood as a perfect example for the coming generations. They have created history and are still remembered for their contribution in the world of cinema.

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