10 ways to get through college without even trying!

first class tips
  1. Bring the professor newspaper clippings dealing with his subject. If you don’t find clippings of his subject, bring clippings at random. He thinks everything deals with his subject!
  2. Look alert. Take notes eagerly. If you look at your watch, don’t stare at it and shake your head unbelievingly!
  3. Nod frequently and murmur, “How True”! To you this seems exaggerated. To him, it seems objective.
  4. Sit in front, near him. (Note: applies only if you intend to stay awake.)
  5. Laugh at his jokes. You can tell, if he looks up from his notes, pauses and smiles at you expectantly, that he has told a joke.
  6. If you must sleep, arrange to be woken up after an hour. It would be embarrasing, if the rest of the class has left and you are still dozing at the back of an empty classroom.
  7. Be sure the book you read during the class appears to be similar to the book from the course. If you plan to do chemistry in an environmental class and environment in your Math class, be sure to match them for size and color.
  8. Ask for outside reading, you don’t have to read, jus ask!
  9. Ask any questions you think, he can answer. Conversely, avoid announcing that you , have found an answer to one he could not answer, and in your younger brothers second grade text book at that!
  10. Call attention to his writing. If he has written a book or an article, ask in class if he wrote it!

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