10 Unique Views of Manipal – A Photo Feature!

This is Pushp Deep Pandey, a student of the 2006-2010 Batch of the Mechanical Engineering Discipline from MIT, Manipal. While I was studying at Manipal, I thought of creating a 10 shot series depicting the amazing beauty and uniqueness of the life in Manipal.

Malpe Beach Requiem

Explored! – The rush hour! – MPL 1

Have been taking loads and loads of pictures and therefore have loads of new photos to show you all from Manipal.

The first from the series. MPL = Manipal
Kaup Light House

Explored! – Let the sky speak! – MPL 2

The second in the 10 shot series that I shot as a tribute to my days in Manipal.
I stayed up all night and finally went to the beach (35Kms from this place) in the morning. The sun wasn’t really in the sky and hence I had to wait before there was enough light… The sky behind the lighthouse wasn’t one of the most animated ones I had seen but I thought I’d be able to do something worthwhile with it. Hope I’ve managed to.
Lightning Strikes Manipal

Direction Malfunction! – MPL 3

Malpe Beach Danbo

Explored! – Danbo at the beach! – MPL 4

Danbo had stayed up all night inspite of not sleeping well for many days before that. He was awake till 4:30 AM chatting with my friends in Manipal and had planned on going to the beach with me for capturing the Kaup lighthouse. So we left at 4:30AM with CB..
When we reached near the beach, the sun was still not up and hence he decided to wait for a little while at the bus stop… At around 5:30AM, he left for the beach and when he reached there,it felt as if the whole space was glowing white… The world around him looked bewitching and extremely beautiful… He found a hollow palm tree lying on the beach and decided to hop on it (with a little bit of my help, of course) to have a better view. He stood there for quite some time before he realised I was taking his photos from the back. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
He was happy with this one the most so here am I, uploading this for you. Hope you like it.
Manipal Scary Lightning

Explored! – Frenzy in the sky! – MPL 5

One day in Manipal, clouds started to form and finally there was lightning all over…

Dee Tee Manipal

The sign of times! – MPL 6

So until now, I’m very happy with the response you guys have given to my series “MANIPAL 10”. 4/5 photos are in explore too incidentally. All thanks to your love of course. ๐Ÿ™‚
Continuing with the series, when I reached Manipal this time, I saw these assembled like this on the top of one of the cupboards telling tales of the times that the house had seen..hehehe.. ๐Ÿ˜€
I haven’t really started drinking as of yet but I was kinda sure f/1.4 would like a sip outta them. ๐Ÿ˜€
Hope you like it.
Malpe Beach

Explored – The Irony In Motion… – MPL 7

Continuing with my 10 shot series dedicated to the amazing place where I completed my studies -Manipal
Used my newly aquired ND110 filter… Same place as the lighthouse shot… Only the clouds in this direction were more dramatic…
Used a 66 second exposure..
I fancied the multi direction movement in the sky… Hope you like it …
Lightning Explosion Manipal

Another moment of nature from Manipal.
8th of the Manipal – 10 series.
I was sitting on the terrace with my friends capturing lightning when this happend… I don’t exactly remember if it happened one by one or all of a sudden but it was pretty much simultaneous from what I remember.
Swarna River Boating

To be tied and free… – MPL 9

9th of the 10 shot series as a dedication to Manipal.
I was travelling on a bike alongside a beach when I spotted this and said “Stop stop stop stop stop”. ๐Ÿ˜€ Got down and shot this with my 50mm prime to get some good bokeh.
I later converted this to three exposures from one and then processed it like an HDR in photomatix.
Here it is for you, now.
Hope you like this.
Loads of love,
Malpe Beach Requiems

Explored! – The end of it all – MPL 10

Last of the Manipal – 10 series.

That series is very dear to my heart as is Manipal. After having finally got a DSLR, I decided on making 10 shots that befit Manipal’s amazing beauty.

Also, here are three links that you might like.

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ManipalBlog.com received a mail from one of the Manipal Institute of Technology, Alumni, Pushp Deep Pandey, who wanted to share his 10 defining images of Manipal! We are delighted to present to you the same as this weeks photo feature! All images are copyright Pushp Deep Pandey and the words are his own! The images can also been seen on the photographers Flickr stream here!


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