10 Tips to spend your 2nd year pecefully!

If you are in your second year I think this article is gonna help you a lot. You must have got used to your  8’o clock routine which is the biggest issue after getting promoted to senior year. Here are some small tips and advise to make your life easy. 😉

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  1. Don’t take your pre-clinical practicals lightly EVER.
  2. Try clearing your backlogs as soon as possible. Don’t keep your work pending till last date.
  3. Ortho is a real pain. Never under estimate it thinking it’s a non-exam going subject. You have to complete the required quota so start from the beginning only.
  4. In Dental Materials notes are more than enough just be thorough with them and you are done with the subject.
  5. Microbiology’s class notes are enough too just write notes instead of sleeping and it’s the easiest subject of second year.
  6. Pathology has to be studied by book, Robin or Harsh Mohan will help you a lot.
  7. Write Oral Pathology notes in the class instead of neglecting it. It will make your 3rd year easy.
  8. Practise as much as you can on typodonts. You have to do the same thing in patients next year, so stop finding easy methods of doing it.
  9. Just be attentive and utilize your pre-clinicals so that it can help you in third year during your postings.
  10. Get done with all your work submission before last date so that you can devote that time on your theory subjects rather than going to extra class for completing your practicals.


Stay Calm and Study Hard. All the best and implement these small things and 2nd year is going to do well to you. For more take stay tuned and send us your articles, views, comments at [email protected] or [email protected].


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