10 things you will know within 10 days in Manipal

transcript from manipal university

1) No one wants to know your Tenth standard percentage or your Twelfth standard or how many chicks you nailed “back home”. Get over it.

2) Puddles of water in rain get splashed onto pedestrians when you drive too fast through them. Let’s learn it once and for all now shall we?

3) If you shared the meal/auto , you are expected to pay your share.

4) Support your team. Don’t support your stupidity.

5) KMC greens is not your bedroom. No, not even at night. Act accordingly.

6) Just return it back on time. No others arguments are valid.

7) Our ears are very sensitive to “accents”.

8) Please keep your pseudo hometowns to your Facebook profiles.

9) Hello, miss “prettiest in the neighbourhood “, meet thousand others like you. Now chill.

10) Yes a breakup is painful but that does not give you the perpetual right to cry about it to everyone.

And lastly the one thing you will not find out during your time in Manipal…

A person who knows where DOC is, go find it yourself.

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