10 Things to Tell Yourself When You Are Not Doing Great


There’s probably no one who has ever existed in this world without going through some gruesome challenges at one point or the other. You can say it’s human to face certain problems and challenges sometimes. While these challenges vary in intensity and effects, there are ways to set your mind straight when you find yourself bundled up in these challenges. Here are ten things to tell yourself when you are not doing great.

1. This Too Shall Pass

This famous quote is an ancient Persian adage that reflects on the transience of human conditions. The truth is; no condition is permanent. It always blows over until the next one, that’s life. For instance, a kid who needs a paper writing service and is worried about his GPA in high school will have even bigger worries when he gets to college and when he leaves college. There is a truckload of challenges waiting for him out there. One way to get your head straight is to keep in mind that the situation or circumstance will blow over. Always say to yourself, “this too shall pass.”

2. You’ve Overcome Challenges in the Past

Sometimes, human beings generally get caught up in troubles and perplexities so much that they lose their head and forget they had overcome similar challenges and sometimes even worse. This is why it’s always good to remind yourself that you’ve not only been through this before, you conquered them all, and you’ll do it again.

3. You Have What It Takes to Overcome This

There’s a saying that goes, “Tough times never last but tough people do” credited to Robert Schuller. This means that situations cannot outlast a person who has his head straight; he will always overcome. You have to consider yourself tough, say it to yourself every day as you mean it. You can do this; you can turn this whole thing around. This will not be the end of you, and there’s still so much in store. And like Duke Ellington said, “a problem is a chance for you to do your best.”

4. The Challenge Will Unlock the Levels of Strength You Never Thought You Had

When you realize you have what it takes and you can surmount whatever is in front of you, you have to begin to take actual steps to do it. This would require hard work, time, and commitment and you can convert all of that anger and determination into energy that would enable you to do what you have to do more effectively. Doing this will make you feel like thanking the problem for coming your way because you realized how much you can do and how far you can go when you are determined and you put your mind to whatever you want to do.

5. You Won’t Let What People Say Get to You

When you go through tough situations, you may not always have support. The voices closest to you to could be voices of criticism and vilification and sometimes those voices are voices of some people you consider friends. You might feel like everyone is kicking you while you are down. However, you’ll not let them get to you, block those voices out of your head and stay away from them as much as possible. When you are away, don’t allow the voices to replay in your mind. Get busy reminding and saying to yourself that you will outlast this triumphantly.

6. Deal with Negativity in Your Mind

It’s possible to have had a life where most of it has just been one trouble or the other and you have never really experienced lasting happiness and victory. When you are caught up in this mix, likely, your mind is mostly clouded by negative thoughts, propositions and possible outcomes. To deal with this situation, you have to start filling your mind with positives in every area, listen to inspirational podcasts and success stories of people who came out of the same pit you are in. Doing this will help you see things differently and see yourself in a different, positive and success-bound light.

7. Remember You’re Not Alone

The feeling that you are not great enough precedes a sense of unworthiness that makes you want to avoid people, especially family and friends, people who wish you well and want the best for you. This is not good for your situation. It’s always better to reach out to people, to your friends, people who will pick you up when you are down, encourage you and support you. At this point, you could use that support. So, seek it, welcome it and don’t turn it down.

8. You Are Not in a Race with Anyone

A lot of people get weighed down in life when they have certain challenges and drawbacks. It could be something as regular as needing accounting assignment help in a particular course. This is because they see other people, mostly people in their age group or people they went to school with, are doing well. You have to realize that no matter how happy everyone appears on their outside with their shiny apparel, you never really know what’s going on with them. It’s important not to let other people’s lives put you in a race because the chances are that you won’t win. So, don’t participate. Just do your own thing at your own pace; keep your eyes on the ball and don’t allow any distraction.

9. Always Remain Thankful

Human beings generally tend to forget all the good things we enjoy when bad stuff happens. When you are feeling down, one way to heal yourself is to remember every other good thing that has happened to you and be thankful for it. So, while you deal with the immediate problems, be thankful for those things that are right where you want them to be.

10. Learn Your Lessons

For everything you are going through, it’s always important to pick up a lesson and learn from it. It’ll be completely wasteful to have been through tons of challenges and not have learned some lessons. Learning those lessons will make you even better at handling other situations and guiding others.


We are never going to go through life without problems and challenges that render you dejected. The important thing is how you handle those situations, and keeping the above tips in mind will help you manage the conditions well. Whether your problem is being unable to get online assignment help or something worse, it’s surmountable.

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