10 Things A Senior wants his Manipal Juniors to know!

For the past three years a group for a new batch of Manipal Juniors comes up and I can’t help but feel nostalgic about the beauty that is Manipal and the first year is the awesome exciting time of discovery before it becomes home, trust me it will…I just graduated and the past few months have been like the last episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. First up totally agree with Siddharth about the people who’d like to be “Me Senior. Me Smart. Me undermine” *Hits the wooden club on the head* kinda people. Back when I joined (I feel old ) FB Groups were still not the in-thing till a month or two after we joined, We relied on the websites and blogs our seniors made, and they even replied to the queries on them properly, so yes what Siddharth said.

Manipal Exam weather 2

A few points for the Manipal juniors:

1. DON’T buy that 350-400 rupees geometry box the shops will try to sell u for EG you are not going to use it ever. If rumors are to be believed you wudnt have to draw by hand anymore. Save that money, trust me you will need it for better things

2. Find out about the clubs/organizations/groups and join things that appeal to you. Don’t be useless/jobless. Being a part of something not only keeps you busy apart from being a different experience but you will form associations with people that you will cherish for a long time if not forever.

3. Bunk sensibly. By that I mean if two subjects are always in a group, don’t have 10 bunks in one and 0 in other. Let them go hand in hand, trust me you shall know why soon. Also save up on 8am classes attendance for days you are actually incapacitated (Read: Hungover or still high)

4. Not drinking is cool (Well, I have to be good here now ) but that shouldn’t stop you from going to places with friends. Its college people, sitting in the room is for day scholars kinda college people. Plus seeing ppl drunk is fun too.

5. Don’t be that brave fuck who will go into the water at beaches when the sea is clearly rough (especially at Kapu), its raining or warning are in place by authorities (Not the college wala,but proper ones). I don’t mean don’t go to beaches. Going to beaches is fine. People have died. Perioud.

6. Manipal has changed over the past two years. Be smart. Be safe. Be in a group till you know where u are at.

7. For some fools who may want to try this, bouncers in Manipal are actually know to be “I will find you and….” types if you try to dash out without paying or do some mad shit.

8.  Enjoy. Best time of your life. Everyone says it but have been on the other side for six months now.

9. Befriending the right kinda seniors will not only help you during the first year but will get you great friends too (Read point 2)

10. Spending even 400 bucks on a strong good umbrella will be a good investment. Carry it with you at all time and also keep them safe from robbers ( Lost as many as 6 to these robberies )

PS: This gyaan is issued in public interest cause I miss my darling Manipal sooooo much everyday. Just hope all of you’ll have a great great time here.

This is an edited form of a Facebook group post originally posted here.

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About the Author: Aabis Aarsiwala graduated from MIT Manipal with a degree in Computer Science and Enginneering. He founded The Help, an organization that aims at bringing about a change for the better. Presently he is working at Cactus Communications.

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