10 signs of Exam ridden students ….

The exam fever is on all across the colleges of India and it carries almost all the students on the same boat. Here are a few symptoms commonly shared by all the exam ridden students –

  1. There is a sudden addiction to Facebook. Even those who would never really go checking their Facebook accounts would. You log in, log out, log in log out. And then finally decide Facebook is a huge distraction so they deactivate their account. But not many hours pass that they are again green on Facebook.
  2. During exams there is an indefinable urgency to check your phone. You keep looking at your phone for messages or missed calls in every 10 minutes though you have not been away from it.
  3. You change a hundred postures to make yourself comfortable. But find none to be the right one. Sometimes on the chair, minutes later prostrate on bed, and then back on a chair, walking-reading, and none of these postures are comfortably where you can grasp everything you read.
  4. You may or may not be a movie buff but every exam season you definitely find some movie you can’t wait to watch and keep humming its song, thinking of the storyline and controlling the strange urge to watch it.
  5. The exam schedule may only be a week long but the entire thing seems to be so dredging that you can’t wait for it to end, though there is absolutely nothing in store once you are done.
  6. We are today so tech savvy that we prefer studying online. But that online study eventually turns out to be, scrolling your Facebook, watching videos on YouTube, playing games or reading something in complete discord with the syllabus.
  7. Exams tend to convert even the insomniacs to absolute soporifics
  8. Exams embellish your personality with divine traits of art. You are suddenly so creative, you scribble all over your notebooks and books, sketches, emoticons, landscapes, calligraphy and caricatures.
  9. Though you have partied all the while you had your preparation leaves, exams make you so melancholic that the only remedy one can think of is hanging around in total uselessness.
  10. On the last day all you long for is a day more to prepare.

About the Author: This is a guest post by Ojaswini Srivastava. Ojaswini is a Second year English literature student at Delhi University. She writes on various issues across many blogs and magazines.

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