10 Important Things to Know About PTCAS Personal Statement in 2019

Any personal statement will challenge you. It is just one of those tasks that is attached to a lot of pressure. A lot of people do not enjoy talking about themselves. When it comes to a personal statement, you have to bring about the best parts of yourself. A ptcas personal statement shares the same criteria.

The foundation of your personal statement will be the same as any other. There are a few points that differentiate it from the rest. If you are planning to apply in 2019, there are some important facts to consider. Read through these before you start working on your personal statement.

1. Word count

There is a limit to the ptcas personal statement. Pay close attention to this as students often exceed this word count. Focus on the topic on hand and do not waiver from it too much. You have to stay on point to keep to your word count.

2. One experience

It is easy to start telling your life story in your personal statement. The best option would be to choose only one of the most compelling experiences. If you hire a personal statement writer be sure to give clear instructions.

3. How has it affected you?

The experience you chose to share should have made some impact on your life. You want to make that clear. It should communicate why you chose this specific experience and how it changed the person you are today.

4. Define your why

It is important to mention in your personal statement why you decided to choose this career path. You won’t have much space to explain this, so make your words count. Understand the concept of what is a personal philosophy because you will need to add a section to explain yours.

5. Language skills

There is no getting away from proper language skills. You want to avoid any grammar or spelling mistakes. This is usually frowned upon and can be detrimental to your application.

6. Professionalism

You are not applying for an office job, but you need to display a sense of professionalism in your personal statement. This is a career path and eventually, you will have to work with people. Show your professionalism to enhance your chances of success.


This is a big one for any personal statement, but especially for your ptcas application. You need to share experiences that are true and can be proven. There is no shortcut on this one. You cannot simply make up a story and submit it.


Your academic supporting documents will speak for itself. There is no need to include it in your personal statement unless it is directly linked to your chosen experience.

9. Be engaging

At the end of the day, all writing needs to be engaging. You are writing for a reader. This reader needs to find your writing interesting enough to continue. Do not move away from simple writing, even if it is academic.

10. Editing

Always proofread and edit your ptcas personal statement. We pick up so many mistakes when we go through an editing process. Ask a family member or friend to read through your essay before submitting.

Final thoughts on PTCAS Personal Statements

You need to give yourself enough time to comply with all of these points. This is the one essay that is standing between you and your goals. Give it your all and be as transparent in your writing as possible. This is a great career choice and you can get to where you hope to be.

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